Ruby YeFollow



Department or Program

Biological Chemistry

Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

John Goss


Cytokinesis, the final stage in cell division, is the process in which one cell is separated in two through the constriction of a contractile ring and membrane fission. Defects in this process can lead to diseases such as neurological disorders, diabetes, and cancer. The regulatory proteins Blt1p and Gef2p have been identified as spatial and temporal regulators of cytokinesis, as both localize to the contractile ring in dividing cells and are implicated in recruitment of the Sid2p/Mob1p protein kinase complex involved in triggering cytokinesis. However, the nature of these interactions is poorly understood.

To characterize protein-protein interactions involving Blt1p and Gef2p with each other or with the Sid2p/Mob1p protein kinase complex, we optimized immunoprecipitation protocols from S. pombe cell lysates. Additionally, we generated strains containing different combinations of epitope-tagged proteins of interest. This methodology will enable us to isolate proteins of interest and probe for binding partners, thereby characterizing affinities and mapping protein-protein interactions. Ultimately, these studies provide insight into how Blt1p, Gef2p, and the Sid2p/Mob1p complex are involved in regulation of contractile ring constriction, cytokinesis, and successful completion of cell division.

Available for download on Wednesday, April 20, 2022