Department or Program

Media Arts and Sciences

Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

David Teng-Olsen


The graphic image has come a long way since the days of crude figure on cave walls. As a classics/media arts and sciences double major, I have always been fascinated by the act of storytelling and the process of animation. For the past year, I have spent every day imagining, reinventing, creating, designing, and animating one of my favorite ancient stories: The Odyssey. Though the narrative I wove does not directly resemble the ancient epic, the path to making it more closely follows the essence of the story: the story behind the story. Odysseus passed though many mouths, mediums, and molds before he ever reached his home. Do you really think the story we know today was the one Homer told thousands of years ago? Come be part of the ancient and traditional process of trans-media storytelling and rediscover the well-known tale as it passes from Greek text to storyboard to animated film.

RocheKatThesisFilm.mp4 (264671 kB)
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