Department or Program

Media Arts and Sciences

Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

David Olsen


Driving in the deep plains, surrounded by a boundless plane of land and a sky that demands awe, I am aware of a profound feeling of endlessness. At the transitional moments between day and night, when the sky is filled with such a deep, bright blue that all of the air appears saturated with it, and the uninterrupted horizon turns to black silhouette, you could claim to see the curvature of the Earth. This particular moment has been among my most unforgettable, sublime experiences. It is an experience that words, images, and even film does not have the capacity to translate. It is a felt experience.

To me, this defiance of translation seemed to offer an artistic challenge – incorporating video shot in the Nebraska Sandhills, I set out to create an immersive environment that had the power to invoke this same felt experience, suspending an ephemeral moment in time so it can be experienced in the here and now.