Department or Program

Media Arts and Sciences

Primary Wellesley Thesis Advisor

Orit Shaer

Additional Advisor(s)

Sohie Lee

Additional Advisor

David Olsen


Haptic feedback is an area of technology that utilizes the sense of touch, by providing tactile interaction. It has been integrated into gaming consoles and mobile devices, and has been researched for its potential in programs that range from medical training simulations to collaborative workspaces. 3D stereo display is another growing facet of technology that is reexamining the possibilities of the user experience. The zSpace system is a computing hardware platform that simulates realistic, holographic, 3D stereoscopic vision. Using this system, this research project aimed to study how haptic feedback can enhance the user interface and understanding of 3D virtual space, by applying and exploring the effects of different types of haptic interaction in two zSpace applications. User experience in haptic and non-haptic versions of these programs was evaluated through a comparative analysis of various measures including observation, performance, presence, and workload.