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Letter to her mother describing her Valentine's Day, including a trip to the De Rosa's (the Italians) for Home Library Club and a dinner with Ted; and discussing how to respond to a romantic poem Ted wrote for her.


2/15/34 [typed] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY, MASS. Thursday noon Dearest Mums, Just a note to let you know that your child has returned most safely to the fold of Wellesley, after a very pleasant yesterday. Lee and I did do a bit of shopping--namely a veiling cap and some blue and gold ribbon to twine around the rim. It was an actual eye-lash veil sticking out beyond that, and I think it's right cute. Then I proceeded to the Italians because I planned to, but told them that I would come only every other week after this, and the next time, I'll probably say I can't do it any more. However, it was rather fun. I heard all about school, hopes and ambitions, and got given a very be-au-ti-ful valentine with “To my love” in the inside, from little Philomena. Oh yes, and I got another missive too, which I shall quote for you later. Met Ted per arrangement, and had a most enjoyable dinner. Somehow we never seem to run out of things to say--there's always a lot more we might have said and didn't, which makes for a feeling of ‘See you again?’ Just as Ted put me on the train, he handed me an envelope, with the request that I would please not read it until he had left! So is very obedient---after all, he had paid for the dinner, and seemed to have had an excellent time doing it, so could I do ought but it here to his wishes? Anyway [Page 2] here's the contents--- Acrostic Great as the thrill of a sunrise Inspired by forces unseen Nothing surpasses that gladness, Gorgeously woven between Everything past ianf the present Radiantly born from my heart. Inwardly all is so pleasant Lost in the realms of that art Only awakened by feeling Vaguely defined yet so strong, Engulfing, yes, strangely concealing Yesterdays--gone like a song. Old as love is, it lives on, Uplifting, as beauty at dawn. It worries me! Sonnetts [mis-spelling: Sonnets] being written to your daughter--and not too bad sonnets either, do you think? The point is, what does it mean? And what is the significance of the title? When I right, I don't think I dare take it too seriously, do you? Just thank him for the valentine and not say very much about it. Because, although he is a very sweet boy, and we click beautifully--he has a rather subtle but-very-much-there sense of humor and quick perception besides having some interesting ideas and a most reassuring way of appreciating one----still, I'm satisfied with that sort of relationship, and my job is to keep him that way, I guess. And he certainly qualifies as an A #1 friend. But then, I don't see him very often, so I shan't lose too much greatly needed sleep over the problem! I should be doing Econ. Suppose I better stop and get busy, so-------(A la Ed Wynn) Love and two hugs, no, three. [handwritten] Ginny P.S. I sent the black hat Tuesday - even before I got the hint on the letter!


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Tradition and Ritual


Men; Valentine's Day; Boston, Mass

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 February 15