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Letter to her mother describing a job offer from Jordan Marshall Company, her attitude towards job hunting, a trip to the Boston Herald office, and arrangements she made for Commencement.


4/17/35 17 April, Dearest, Sith [mis-spelling: With] a very sly grin, may I impart some news? Are you prepared for a surprise? I have a job I should love to keep you in suspense for a few minutes, but you’d probably skip over the intervening words anyway, so I’ll come down to the point. First may I say it's only if I want it, but it's there, beginning Sept. 16th at 9 A.M. And before you get too impatient, let me hasten to add that said job is one of 5 out of 41 applicants for the position on the training squad of Jordan Marsh Company. Remember the conference I told you I had had with the man when he came out here? Well, he recalled 8 of us, and then weeded it out to 5 in further conferences yesterday. I went in and talked to him, and he must have had an exceptionally good dinner, because he was very affable, and when he had finished with me, he told me they had decided to offer me the position, beginning at $18 a week, but leading directly to the job of buyer in the department and which I was most interested, at an increased salary. Of course that doesn't mean that I have to take it if I find a better one elsewhere, because they can always get girls, but it seems it's quite an honor to have made the squad, and they really do have grand positions after the year of apprenticeship. The question is, of course, if I want to do that sort of thing, and the answer is, not all my life certainly. On the other hand, it is a definite job that lies there before me and which doesn't start until September; it pays money, and gives me every evening free from work which must be done before the morning---no nervous strain to speak of, and an assurance of something steadily going forward. Of course I couldn't swing it unless I found someone to share an apartment with me on that salary, but I think there will be plenty of people around Boston who might be interested. I'm not going to stop looking in other places, though, just because I've got this job, but if a better one comes up meantime, I can take it. However, it gives a little feeling of security that I have a job if I want it...and it was so simple. I don't really feel that I've earned, it, because all I did was just talked to him---never had any experience at all. It amuses me when I think of the Macy woman who said I was green and advise me to forget about Macy's---they couldn't use me. Good old Jordan’s. I went from there over to the Herald offices with a couple of pictures and a story; got presented with a typewriter and proceeded to type out the story for them hand it in to the City Editor, who is a friend of Don Curtis’ and who met Lee when she was up here last week. He told me to come in again, and I shall do so. The men were awfully nice too, helped me to find carbon paper, write captions and paste them on the picture, etc. It was much of a lark. Next time I shall do the same for the Christian Science Monitor, but I didn't have time yesterday to go away up there when I got thru [Page 2] with Jordan. But isn't it amusing? I came home like the conquering hero I last night, to have heard Mug, Hort, and Frannie talk. I doubt any of them are going to be in Boston next year, but details can wait until I'm sure it's only opening I'll have. It but I thought you might be “interested!” What's the verdict on coming out? I shall be waiting to hear. Tell Mum Mum tomorrow (if you think of it in the midst of the celebration) that I’ve arranged for Commencement rooms and it's all O.K. I reserved a double and 2 singles in Eliot House at $1.50 per. It's right in the village, and about half the price of any other place. Not scrumptious at all---dormitory rooms, but it will be near the scene of activities. For you and Mum Mum, Grandpa and Mildred or as alternate, Aunt Gertrude if she comes. I've also asked for 2 tickets extra, so I hope I can get them. I won't know about that until after May 1. But you and Mum Mum anyway, have yours all assured. Now I’d better get to work or the General won't get studied for to say nothing of past. And then wouldn't it be sad! My best love to you… Ginger [written on back of envelope] Bring white rain cape if you come?


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family


Job hunting; Newspapers; Commencement ceremonies

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 April 17