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Letter to her mother discussing food she wanted to buy, items they needed to send each other, her plans for upcoming dances, and a visit from her friend Eleanor.


[Letter incomplete] [23 October 1933] have enough to buy our little coffee, fruit & crackers for odd meals with much social talk & enjoyment, it's all that matters. For instance I fixed some when we got in from golf, & it was very welcome, cause it got rather windy by the time we'd reached the 9th hole - took us 3 hours to play the 9 - if you can imagine it! Yes indeed, Lee’s purse came all intact. Awfully sorry you had to bother about sending it, cause I haven't the least idea [Page 2] how it happened. I spect [mis-spelling: suspect] my pillow top is waiting at the house for me now - as I'm at the Libe [mis-spelling: Library]. You do so darn much for me. Don't bother about the 3-way pillow - it would only be hard to send, & seldom have time to read in bed anyway. If I discover I just have to have one, which is unlikely, I can get it at Davis’ here. The Paisley doesn't get very hard usage now that I have my chair, & I like it, so if it's alright with you, it’s hunky dory by me. A propos of such, what ancestor did the Quaker shawl come from? Just in case I have to claim Quaker blood? I think I ought to have a strain of Lutheran in me too, don't you? Wasn't there a great uncle someplace who was a deacon! Have you been looking for your necklace, earrings and gold bracelets? Cause I found ‘em in my top drawer. Hope you haven't been worried about them. Shall I send them to you. You’ll want them for the black velvet. Uh huh, Informals are this Saturday. A bunch of us are going sans dates, as a matter of policy & necessity for the 1st dance. They say it is much more fun to cut in on all of them than to have to look out [Page 3] for one man. Yes indeed I shall wear my pink without the jacket. You forget the absolute latest fashion note the sequin shoulders. And it's funny, Eleanor Harton came in to see me Saturday, & is awfully nice. She said Chappie asked her to look me up but she hadn't gotten around to it & didn't know why. Said she'd be down again, & I shall actively further the acquaintance. Goodness I'm glad this is thin paper - I would be broke! But I didn't get this sent Sunday, & suppose Monday you didn’t have a letter. Double dose for you to swallow now - & also a double dose of most ‘fectionate [mis-spelling: affectionate] love. Very very much so Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life; Buildings and Grounds


Food habits; Golf; Dance parties; Dormitories

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 23