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Letter to her mother describing how to hear the Verse Speaking Choir's broadcasted concert, hoop rolling, President Pendleton's speech at the May Day chapel, and her feelings about graduating.


[1 May, 1935] May 1 ‘35 [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Mums darling, Just a few words: I'm in the midst of sending out stories and pictures of the Verse Speaking Choir. Incidently [mis-spelling: Incidentally], before I forget it, the frequency is 11, 790 WIXAL, broadcasting from 5:30 to 5:45 and from 6:00 to 6:15. Note change of time. I don't know when they broadcast before, but with the frequency, Jack ought to be able to get it. No, I don't have a solo, at least not to my knowledge now. The ones I had solos in were just three part things, and they want to show the use of the whole choir in this boradcast [mis-spelling: broadcast]. So justry [mis-spelling: just try] to pick out the little old bass in the midst of others! [deletion: Tree] May Day today. we were up betimes, for a 6;45 breakfast, and out on the hill in the chilly blast to begin the hoop rolling at 7:25. And for a husky crew woman like I and the rest of me [mis-spelling: my] pals, we sure showed up poorly. But imagine roling [mis-spelling: rolling] a hoop and keeping your own in the midst of hundreds of others who were doing the same thing and losing theirs, bumping into you and running their hoops smack bang into yours. It was loads of fun though, with our hats tied on with ribbons and our gowns sewed up around our waists. Little Eva came up yesterday and did mine. This morning, the sophomores carried our books over there to the chapel, and also made our beds! Darn nice, once in a while. Then after the rolling, we formed on two sides in a long double line thru which the others [mis-spelling: other] classes filed on their way to chapel. We beat on our hoops and sing on marching song, our fingers [Page 2] getting colder as the wind blew harder, and our hats blue off oftener. Great sport, while the whole college marched by. Pres. Penn did a grand job of chapel though, her last May Day. Her prayer was beautiful, and she didn't try to make a speech afterward, but just said a few words very sweetly and informally. It's about the only time the whole college gathers together in the chapel, and all in white made it most effective. Then the sophomores rushed out to the hill to make the numerals, and sang on marching song to us. Really to see the big 1 9 3 5 against the hill, and to realize that 1935 means something more than 4 figures…...Wellesley 1935, ah well, 1935 will never be here again. The Old Order….and next year the juniors will be doing the same things..we really aren't unique at all, except just when we're in the midst of it, and then it's grand. But I must get in the midst of other things. I wish I were a master like James Hilton, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be skillful enough to work the devise [mis-spelling: device] as you suggest. So I shall stumble along...tra-la-la-la. Haven't heard from Ralph in quite a while, but he is a busy boy, from the hasty sketch she gave me his duties. Wheee! I should think he'd be glad when June came! Love t [mis-spelling: to] you now Ginger Had dinner with Moira Simboli, last night--the little friend of the Fredericks. She’s going to be near Sch. this summer.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Tradition and Ritual; Student Life


Radio--Receivers and reception; May Day; Wellesley College. President (1911-1936 : Pendleton); Hoop Rolling

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 May 1