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Letter to her mother describing a turkey dinner with other students, the cooperative lifestyle in Munger Hall, and an invitation to join her friend Peggy for lunch.


11/24/33 [typed] Friday Nite Dearest Mither [mis-spelling: Mother], Sure and it's Irish I am--for no good reason at all. Except you Irishman like turkey? Cause I've just come from a Turkey dinner. No, not here at the regular dinner table, but one of the girls had a huge one sent to her, and she invited some of us up to help her eat it up. Dressing, cranberry sauce, fruit cake and all the trimmings. I contribute some nuts, and the party was a great success. Especially as roast beef medium was served in the dining room! But Mrs. Boorn was in last night, and said she was very much impressed with the food we got--so well cooked and everything. It really has been a lot better lately, though. Had salmon, peas, mashed potatoes, and ice cream cake last night. One of the girls who sits next to me in Music History asked me to dinner. She lives in Munger, the cooperative house, where the girls serve, wash dishes, clean their own rooms, and in [Page 2] fact do all the work. There's a quite different class there, though, I was surprised. Everyone very nice, and quite a homey atmosphere, with one gal talking about going out to dry the dishes afterwards, etc. What you think of the idea of my trying to get in there next year? It's not terribly easy, as there is quite a waiting list, and although the social opportunities might not be as great, it would be a saving of money, and as I see it, that's one of those inescapable items. No? Be, or be’nt it, huh? as my friend Goldy says. By the way, how’s Woody getting along? Haven't heard anything about him lately. I've done so much this P.M. Besides doing a great big washing and ironing, I’ve started Philosophy and Bible, cleaned out my closet, bureau drawers, desk and bookcase, and thought about writing to Shirley, but my brain won't function properly any more. And as I've run over my 10 minutes, bye for now. [Page 3] [handwritten] Sun. AM. And so I went to bed at 10:30, have just completed some popovers, bacon & coffee, also oranges, and feel much more wide awake. Now for some Econ and whatnot. Peggy's going home for dinner today, & asked me to go with her, coming back again this afternoon. Seems like a lot, but she was most cordially insistent. Well darlin’, I really must fly at my leetle [mis-spelling: little] books, drat ‘em, so I shall be seeing you - a week from this coming Thursday! Love ‘n a half Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Student Life


Food; Dinners and dining; Dormitories; Munger Hall

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 November 24