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Letter to her mother quoting her friend Lee's letter to her describing regret for her actions; describing a letter from Stocky and a potential job connection at Fox Films; and discussing travel arrangements for her trip home.


1/23/35 Dearest, A small are you? A letter from Lee this morning.. She’s hit rock bottom on the business, and has seen her own way clear, has come to the conclusions about herself which I told you Miss Lindsay said about her, without any suggestions from me as to what Miss Lindsay said. She wrote as much to Pres Penn. and said to me, “I never let myself see, I kidded myself along, let myself live in a manufactured picture until I almost believed it. But I’m on to myself now, and I’m so bitterly ashamed of my rotteness. I couldn’t bear to take the consequences--be kicked out of Wellesley-- and so I patched up a story part true and part not, and sold it to my friends, let them work for me under false pretences, and then I didn’t have the nerve to come clean and tell them I’d been lying knowing how they’d hate me for it. I got in thicker and thicker. But I realized it all today. I think I am good stuff essentially and I’m going to prove it. For a while I thought I was learning my lesson and could pick up the pieces and go on. But that wasn’t enough. I had to route out every bit of deception, clear the decks for action………...I’ve taken [Page 2] rules too lightly, and I’ve tried to skin out of thi things, get by. I’m hubled [mis-spelling: humbled] and ashamed, but at least I’m down to bed rock, and I can start anew earnestly and honestly. I can--I will.” So that’s the story...a little more than a hard lesson to learn, but it may change Lee completely, I don’t know. I’m writing to her today, because I think, while she may be dramatizing herself a little bit, essentially she is “good stuff” and I want to tel [mis-spelling: tel] her so. Had a note in answer to my congratulatory one to Stocky, which, if you can stand more quotes, read, “Thanks for your note of eleven days ago. May the gods forgive my delay. Does it sound too theatrical to wish you every success in the future? You deserve it. Stocky.” Amusing? Snowing again. If this keeps up, I may not be able to get home. As soon as I heard the rtes [mis-spelling: rates] on the chu-chu, I looked up the bus fares, hoping weather wouldn’t be too bad. You see, there are no weekend rtes [mis-spelling: rates], only the $11. 74 one to Albany, round trip. Which, for 2½ days seems to cut a pretty big hole in the budget, don’t you think? If you can, you might find out if there’s an excursion the other way, and also if it is possible to start it on Thursday. If so, you could mail it to me, and by coming Friday on the return trip ticket from Boston to Albany, I could use it. Then switch it around going back. The station master here said I could that if arrangements were such there in Albany. He had no way of knowing. But you can let me know about that later. Was talking to Franie [smis-spelling: Frannie] last night, and she knows a man very well in Fox Films in N.Y.C., in the publicity bureau, who got there thru Press Board work in his college. He may be able to give a tweak at a few strings. We’ll see. And then weekend rates would be so much cheaper! Must go to try out for a part in the Operetta….loving you, Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships


Discipline; Men; Passenger trains; Buses; Job hunting

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 January 23