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Letter to her mother describing her friend Lee's acknowledgment of her wrongdoing, her classmate's opinions on Lee, and preparation for exams; and discussing her mother sending money, arrangements for a trip home, and a diary she ordered.


Jan ‘35 [Jan. 21, 1935] [typed] [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Mon. Your letter at hand and hasten to reply, though no new news to offer. Spent yesterday writing letters for the most part: Lunk, Shirley and Ted, also Ralph after I had sealed the others. Thanks for Anogene’s address, I'll get one off to her soon. Little Eva came up in afternoon, talked for going to transfer to Colorado next year, as her father will be out near there. She used t [mis-spelling: to] live there, you know. Then we both wrote letters and watched it snow. It’s still very white, the ice falling on the trees kept the snow on them, so it's quite beautiful but still gray. Lee was up here this weekend, but only for over night, so I didn't see her. She came pp [mis-spelling: up] to see Pres. Pen, and explain the change in her attitude. She called me up to tell me. It seems she has reached rock bottom and is coming up. She said she ralized [mis-spelling: realized] that her attitude had been all wrong, that she had often slid under the rules instead of obeying them; those which were made for the whole community were made for her also, and that she suddenly realized that her punishment had been none too severe. She read me a bit of the letter she had written to Pres Penn, because the lady had a cold and couldn't see her. It was perfectly swell, thanked her for bringing Lee to her senses, told her she was going to use this year to advantage, and was coming back next year to finish. I hadn't had a chance to write her what Mis [mis-spelling: Miss] Lindsay had said, and she came to the decision by herself. I'm going to tell Miss Lindsay so today, as I think it will alter Lee in her eyes. I really don't think there is a chance of Lee’s getting back, but there might be after mid-years. It seems very unlikely, though. I've learned a great many things about Lee though, that others have thought about her. So many have said that they didn't like Lee (This to someone else who has relayed it to me), but they liked me, that they could never understand Lee and her self-sufficient way, that she seemed insincere, etc. I’ve stood up for her, of course, and so have Helen and a few other people, but I never realized just how many people didn't like her. This is all in the Q.T. of course, but it has come from various sources. Others have said they thought she was swell enough though, and have been genuinely sorry, but that's the situation. I think it will require a lot of spunk to come back and finish nexyt [mis-spelling: next] year, but I think Lee will do it...get a job this year if possible, living at home, and then return in 1936. Her address is 68 Hartsdale Road, Hartsdale, N.Y., but I'd be careful what I said to Mrs. Underhill. It’s a delicate thing to give sympathy for, without rubbing it in or stirring it up. Do as you think best, though. Do whatever you think best about the money situation, too. Can you spare it out of your bank? If you needed it, I mean. It's perfectly true that things are always coming up which demand money, but I don't think I'd use any more of it if it were here like it was last year, than as if you sent it out to me. Or would you rather I’d just keep it here, and continue sending me the money as you have been? Keep it savings, I mean. Uh huh, I got the money order, thank you muchly. [Page 2] [handwritten] And a return after lunch - hello! - Helen & I have been dancing & eating her maple candy. Naturally I've been seeing more of her - and I like her very much - You didn't meet her last year, did you? You’d like her I think. If there isn't an excursion to Albany, is there one to [deletion: Schenectady]? Boston? I've got to go downtown tomorrow, & I'll see. Incidentally - could you look in that box in the attic & see if my journalism knows her there? I didn't have very many, but they might help - one question on our Exam is on Journalism, & while Press Board will help, notes might be of advantage, too. I don't think I have mine for Freshman Comp. darn it. They're giving us the last June's General to take this mid years - 2 weeks to prepare it - 2 hours to write it up! Did you pay for my diary? They sent me a 5 year one! In real leather. I haven't sent it back yet, but I think I will if you haven't paid for it. I'd rather have a one-year, if I can’t have the 3. If you're downtown, might ask them about it, but don't for heaven's sake make a special trip. I'll write them. Love for you - love indeed Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Student Life; Home and Family


Discipline; Transfer students; Money; Travel; Examinations

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 January 21