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Letter to her mother describing making first boat in Crew, dinner at Don's house, Don & Lee's impending engagement, the T.Z.E. initiation ceremony; discussing her relationships with Ralph and Ted; and apologizing for the quality of the letter.


10/22/34 Oct. 22 10:30 Dearest Mums I shouldn’t be bored - “the way thru of thinking must dominate the rhythm of expression.” It’s really most interesting - most instructive most incredibly fascinating - but I’m sleepy. And I’m quite well aware that one should be completely alive to get an idea over to anyone else - but I’m much more alive in different ways just at present. For one thing - the crew lists have been posted. The brass band and a laurel wreath please - 1st Crew - Veeder - 5. I would have enjoyed 7 more, but am so completely glad to be in the 1st boat that one oar or another matters little. Lee is too, of course - she’s rowing port stroking, as a matter of fact, which is pretty slick. We’re getting dinner for all the crews tonight - oh today’s a very busy day. I’m going in to visit a problem school today - be back at 4 for shorthand, then over to Agora at 5, to get dinner. I love being busy though - broke my record yesterday by staying out till 12:30. 3 friends of Don’s, little Eva, Helen & I (also Don & Lee of course) went in to his house to dinner - a most enjoyable time - very gay conversation, a cocktail, pinpong [mis-spelling: ping pong], music, talk of boats, fencing, even economic situation. Lee & Don are terribly in earnest about each other - perhaps not terribly at all, but quite satisfactorily - I am at intervals referred to as Aunt Lucy the chaperone, and Maid-of-Honor. They’re announcing it at Senior Prom I think, if they can keep it that long! Don really is a peach though. He & Lee brought me out after “Men in White” Saturday [Page 2] because I had to get back for Society initiation. - 12:55 On the train for my school visit - just an excuse for the writing. Have to do shorthand in a minute - but hello again to you for now. Oh yes - the initiation - candles, bows of fidelity, drinking from same silver cup around circle, receiving pin, corsage violets & talk afterward - I do like the girls. Breakfast Sunday A.M. was fun too. They wouldn’t let us help, but I somehow felt more at home when I was carrying things in, & they appreciated it. Scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee, muffins - a change from Severance. (tho we didn’t get popovers!) and it was fun. I suppose we’ll all get in for cooking soon. Which reminds me, will you send me some of my favorite recipes which I’ll copy off & return chocolate cake, lemon sponge - others you see. Hey this writing business is almost worse than [illegible]dess! I pity you darling - Hurrah - a station - but the last one before Boston - so fear that won’t help much - They don’t wait long in one place. “Men in White?” Yes. Quite. Very effective - it left me wondering if I wanted Ralph to see it. (The gal gives up the lad for his work) Thanks for your ideas on the Ted-Ralph situation. You’re quite right - no definite decisions yet. Ralph is still important so is Ted - & Ted may come up Dec. 7-8. Grand letter from him - Ralph & I aren’t writing so often - he hasn’t time - nor I. So it will simply wait. Haven’t written Helen since I 1st got here - shan’t mention R when I do. Don’t discuss it too fully with Betty either. [written in the left margin of Page 2] I’m ashamed of this letter - it can’t properly be called one - charge up the minutes spent reading it to my account. - Oh the p.j’s amused this AM. Many thanks - Love-one-the-way-to-Boston- Ginny [written in the left margin of Page 1] Lee & I perfectly O.K. She swell about my making T.Z.E.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Athletics and Physical Education; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Rowing; Dinners and dining; Tau Zeta Epsilon; Initiations (into trades, societies, etc.); Men

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 October 22