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Letter to her mother describing Thanksgiving day at Wellesley, including talking with friends, lunch and dinner, and schoolwork she must do; and discussing what to wear to the Nativity Play and her relationship with Ted.


[29 November, 1934] 11/30/24 [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Thurs. eve. Good morning dearest yourself, And it was indeed a good morning when the maid brought me your message Shall I tell you the funny idea that popped a propos-ly into my mind? That it was a real Thanksgiving. You, I mean. I only hope my “representatives” arrived on time. Because your good morning was the best good morning I've had in a long time! Set the tempo for the whole day. Strangely enough, it's been a very fine day, though I spent it all here. After breakfast I went down to Frannie Mitchell's room with her, and Mug, Hort, Frannie and I sat and talked and did our nails till Mug and Hort left for the city about 10 o’clock. Then instead of going upstairs and immediately beginning work, we talked some more. I’ve never really gotten to know Frannie before, and she is definitely worth knowing. She's very unusual looking, not at all pretty, but she is a perfect peach, and I like her ever so much. We talked about everything from Hort and her man and his personality to Ralph and experiences abroad, her family, people we had both known, spiritualism, talk as would let people know more about each other. She writes extraordinary well, too. So that was the morning. Then Miss Williams asked me to sit at her table for dinner, which I thought was mighty nice of her. The tables were arranged the form of a U, so we were a fine big family….about 35 of us I should say. Flowers on the table, candles, turkey with all the trimmings, including squash, boiled onions which I may eventually learn to like [deletion: illegible], cranberry jelly, potatoes gravy, salad, and mince pie with ice cream. Also demi tasse. Most satisfactory. We talked about the royal wdding [mis-spelling: wedding] at dinner of course, which lead around the topics possible to some of Miss Willian’s [mis-spelling: William’s?] experience in China and Norway, also Scotland, her guests being a Scottish lady, so dinner was most awfully nice and festive. And having to have had some tangible result of this day, I wrote to Helen and Brent, and spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about my next paper and doing shorthand….oh yes, I learned a speech for tomorrow, too, so on the whole, I'm quite pleased with Thanksgiving. For supper, we had a very informal buffet one around the fire in the living room...doughnuts, cider, cookies, crackers, etc., and then sat down around and popped corn. Most cozy. However, Frannie and I were struck with the idea about the same time, that such dinners as we had stowed away, should by good rights be walked off, so we hied us on a path by the lake for about half an hour. Having just come in, gotten into my blue pajamas, and snitched Lee's typewriter, mine at the moment being cleaned….I'm about to start on my paper but just had to tell you about the day first. How was yours? Turkey at Saratoga? Barbara and the rest of it? But you have a vacation tomorrow, don't you? Heh heh. And I [Page 2] have beaucoup de papiers à écrire! Meaning: 3000 word descriptive narrative due a week from Tuesday, the 11th; education paper due the 12th (which by the way you maybe can help me on. Do you have any of your projects written out, for any years on any subject? Such as your Schenectady one, the Dutch one, the post office one.. or anything that is related to all phases of their work, but centered about one main unit? If so, could you relay the general idea on to me, and I could make my paper out of it. If it would take a lot of time to hunt it out of the files, don't bother, but if you do have some stuff about it, I should be happy to know about it.) Paper on Ibsen due the 6th; paper on Tolstoi [mis-spelling: Tolstoy] due the 12th; and a five minute memorized dialogue from “The Dover Road” ready on the 7th. Of course all these papers aren't 3000 words...more like 3 or 4 pages, but they are all take time. Lee and I were asked to sing (choir of 40 out of 140) in the Nativity Play on Sunday, and since it's at night, and I don't see how Ted can wait over till so late, I said I would. However, he's all set for the house dance and dinner Saturday, the play and dance that night, and chapel Sunday morning. I haven't decided yet whether to have my peach chiffon dyed a blue and wear it, or to wear my other blue and gold which seems always to look nice on me, and which Ted hasn't seen. Chiffon in the winter isn't too good. Yes, I shall wear the blue velvet in the afternoon, and I've ordered some balck [mis-spelling: black] shoes for $$4.90 if they have them in my size. They’re arriving for my approval tomorrow. Do you think I will look angelic enough for the reverend in blue? Heaven forbid, says the chorus. Oh, that reminds me of an amusing paradox in one of your letters... “God forbid that you should marry a minister!!!” If He shouldn't want one of His chosen to have a flitting helpmeet [mis-spelling: helpmate]. Aha! Howsomever, don't worry about that possibility. I'm not an old maid yet..and though I may be tossing away good substantial possibilities in the quest for something more, I'm still keeping my eyes open, darlin’. But I'm afraid if I want to have them open tomorrow, I'd better get to some of this voluminous pile of work..for you see the entire weekend of the 8th comes out of that schedule for work. You'll excuse me? But in the midst of all of it….I do think about you.. and what applies to distance apply equally to work; it just isn't big enough! Loving you, thankfully, Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships; Home and Family; Tradition and Ritual


Thanksgiving Day; Food; Wellesley College Choir; Men; Clothing and dress

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 November 30