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Letter to her mother describing waiting for her cue in the Fall Formal play, her letters with Ralph, and her work in Press Board; and discussing arrangements for the bus back home for Christmas vacation.


Dec 3 ‘33 [handwritten] Monday eve - Mother darlin’ - Waiting for my cue, which won't come for about half an hour yet. And then my one fable little line! So Lee is studying Geology, & I - well, you guess. Your letters arrived most welcome leave this morning. And don't worry about telling Ralph the story of the weekend. I hadn’t mentioned it to him simply because I thought he might misunderstand in a letter, but I'll tell him all about it when I see him. It's not terribly important, especially as I haven't heard from Roy again. It's too bad Ralph has only 3 days. Are we asking him and Betty for Christmas dinner? Did he say anything about where he expected to stay? Let me know what you think, so I can ask him as well as you, or did you already? I did write him a nice long apologetic letter so he must have received it when he got home. I haven't mentioned Ted or Stocky or anyone, & I don't see any necessity for telling him, because they're simply interesting boys & fun to talk to, but that's just all. [typed] Tuesday A.M. Now for some intelligibility! Yes, I finally got on stage, after much waiting. And my part went off very well. Ahem. Yeas [mis-spelling: Yes], I'm in Press Board, and that reminds me, tell Mum Mum not to throw away that clipping, because I want it for the files. I'll bring the story home with me, cause I just got a back from Hammy, and the one based on your idea hasn't been returned yet. I think for my next, which is to be quite short, I'll do some sketches of California. So should bring all my little efforts [Page 2] with me when I arrive the 14th. Also the bus goes through Schenectady, so there won't be any need of meeting me at Albany. Of course doesn't get in until about 9 P.M., or probably later, as is never known to be on time. They may even run a special bus chartered to Albany and through to Buffalo, so that would take less time as it wouldn't stop many places. It leaves here about 1:30, but they don't know for sure whether there will be enough gals going that way to charter a bus or not. I'll know by the end of the week, but even if they don't have a special one, I'll take the regular bus, because it's so darn much cheaper, and they say it really is lots of fun. As regards the train, the Harvard boys don't get out until later anyway, so the Freshman stuff wouldn't be possible, and Wellesley girls just don't do things laike [mis-spelling: like]] that! So glad your cold is better, and that I do hope your vacation will have mastered it completely. It snowed around here yesterday, blew and looked very bleak, and today it is sort of gray, but there is no woik [mis-spelling: work] (No, That is not a typographical error. I meant it, so there) to be done inside, so a little matter like the weather doesn't do any harm. I fear this isn't much of a letter, but I guess it's all I can afford just now. So regretfully I subscribe myself, but most lovingly, Your child


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Home and Family; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Buses; College student newspapers and periodicals; Men; Theater

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 December 5