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Letter to her mother describing a path by Lake Waban, her new schedule for Crew, membership to play golf, the rules for pledging societies, and step singing.


Sept-Oct ‘33 [30 September, 1933] Saturday AM. Mother dearest, A perfectly gorgeous day! I was sitting in the library reading about Archaeology & the Bible, when I just couldn't stand it any longer, and wandering down by the Lake, found a path thru the trees with every once in a while a wooden seat looking out over the Lake, & that's where I am now. The trees are just beginning to turn, and are perfectly reflected in the water, along with one or two clouds. I can hear a Locust across the Lake, and there's just enough breeze to make the water Shimmer, & the trees in it to look like a smeared oil painting. Then when it dies down, the outlines clear again. And to come down from poetic heights (!) I have my shoes off & feel perfectly contented. I went out for Crew yesterday because it did look so good to see the boats out on the Lake, & the eight all pulling in perfect time. We practice 2 days a week, which reminds me that I don't have any gym bloomers. I may have to get them, but would you send my blue ones & the belt, & they may let me wear them for practice. I did bring the blouse with me. And I'm playing golf too, haven't yet, but I have my badge for which I paid the sum total of 25¢, & am entitled to play anytime I want to gratis. I think I'll get someone & play this afternoon if I can, cause [Page 2] it's exactly the sort of day to play. Maybe it just seems sweller after the amount of rain we've had, but the fact remains that it's mighty fine, suh [mis-spelling: sir]! We went to some more teas yesterday P.M., but found out that no one can be pledged until they've had a year of residence, so we don't have to worry for a while yet. Then too it will give us more time to know the girls in the different societies better. But most any of them are nice enough. Sometimes they have Sunday morning breakfast there, & they entertain etc. I met a girl who knew Katherine Berkley at Pomona who was in the Cosmopolitan Club, & she invited me to dinner Tuesday night. And at step singing last night my big sister invited me to dinner Sunday - so I'm “ all dated up.” Step singing was fun except that we didn't know the words to the songs. The Seniors sit on the steps with the Juniors behind them, and the Sophomores and Freshmen on the sides. The last song ended with “ For Wellesley” - and then the echo answered “Wellesley” way off in the distance. It (intermission - there was a little chipmunk who was coming toward me, so I stopped writing, & he came right up to the bench and sat winking at me, & I hated to move & scare him. But a leaf fell on him, and he scampered away. Which is the extent of my Woodland Adventure. No sheep, just chipmunks.) And sad to relate I must hie me to Free Writing. Have you met of the subject for me yet? Think I'll put the setting in California somewhere & base the story around that, what do you think of the idea - Much love & the Best Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Buildings and Grounds; Athletics and Physical Education; Personal Relationships; Student Life; Tradition and Ritual


Golf; Rowing; Societies; Stepsinging; Lake Waban

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 September 30