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Letter to her mother thanking her for sending clean laundry and food; and discussing a new possible room assignment for the next year and a birthday gift for Ralph.


5/25/34 [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Friday Dearest my mother, Oh all right, I won't write letters,.... if I can stop it. But when a girl gets a box such as this girl got, what is she to do but to write letters! You'll never know how good that pile of clean clothes looked to me. I just simply revelled in laying them away in my drawers, not even thinking of anything that might have been underneath. Aw mums, you are a darling. I had restrained myself from buying some candy, telling me it was good for my soul to deny it, but wishing awfully hard that I didn't have a soul. Then when I opened the box, I clean forgot all about everything but those nuts and that fudge. Lady, can you make fudge! I declare I was so hungry for some, all the more so because I had made the resolution that I really didn't need any, that I've simply gorged already...but I dn't [mis-spelling: don’t] care in the least, it was so good I just had to. Why is it that one secretly hopes but doesn't expect anything in one's laundry, and then is so doubly pleased when, besides the clean clothes, there is an extra special something? But my yes and indeed I should say so I was delighted. You will have your daughter fat by the time she is to come home! Oh, and I think there's a possibility of my being able to have room 217 in Severance, the end room, you remember, for next year. Phyliss Muchlitz is signed to it, and she may not come back in the fall, so I've summer applicated, and if she doesn't, I'm next on the list. Mrs. Ewing was awfully nice about it, and said there was no reason why I shouldn't have it if she didn't, so there I am. While I like her (the girl we met on the chapel steps Sunday morning) I will be just as happy if I can have a room. And I do think that's about all of the news. Except that a letter from Ralph this afternoon stated the plans include a trip here the 19th, so guess his inclinations have overruled his apprehensions of previous letters, wouldn't you say so? However, he hasn't said a word about his definite plans for the summer, so guess they aren't definite at all. I haven't decided yet what to get him for his birthday. I thought of a frame for my picture, but that's hard to mail. Might get him some nice socks, or shirt, except that I don't want to. I also thought of a slip on sweater which he might like. If I don't find one big enough or pretty enough, I think I shall wait until I see him, and can get a nice frame where I don't have to mail it. Think that would be all right? He’ll probably be so busy he won't even know it's his birthday. Oh yes, I'll send him a card. Better go do it now, I guess. You'll ‘scuse [mis-spelling: excuse]? But I do think you're not “One the grandest”, but THE GRANDEST. All Ways. Love, and at the risk of its being puppy love misinterpreted, very special love--- my brand--- [handwritten] Ginger I have a feeling this doesn't express half of my joy & appreciation, but - it couldn't -


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life; Personal Relationships


Laundry; Dormitories; Men; Birthdays

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 May 25