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Letter to her mother describing her disappoint on her mother's behalf for the disruption her cold caused, a dinner with Ted, and a trip to the theater with her friend Lee.


[8 february, 1934] Thursday Noon Darling Mums - Goodness here we are again. I don't know why, but here we are. How are you feeling today? I'm so awfully sorry you missed the party and everything. Gosh it doesn't seem very fair, does it? I was so sure you're going to have a nice time and everything. Darn these colds. Didn't you just about chew up your pillow? I'd have thrown it across the room, I swear I would. I think it' a rotten [Page 2] shame. I've been careful about mine, & it hasn't broken thru yet, for which I'm thankful. Listen I think your idea was grand. I don't know whether I can do it or not, but it should make a marvelous story. You got the man's character perfectly too - I don't see why you don't try to write it sometime, but I'll try it too. It would be interesting to work out. I'll do it next time. It's the kind of idea that you sort of itch [deletion: you] to start writing. I'll let you know developments. Went into Boston & the Italians yesterday. Then met Ted and had dinner at a cute place with a balcony, & a fountain downstairs in the middle, Spanish paintings on the walls, and good food for very little. We talked from 6 until 8 over the dinner - & he told me his ideas of life, friendship, work etc. It was very interesting, & we may do it again - I made him let it be Dutch, cause he doesn't have overly much, & I sort of suggested it in the beginning. But it was most pleasant. Then I met Lee to see Helen [Page 3] Hayes. Honestly she was grand! We had 1st row 2nd balcony, & could see perfectly. Her interpretation was so completely understanding. I'm so glad I went, cause I haven't enjoyed anything so much in a long time. Enclosed is the comment - pretty accurate. Just happened to notice on the back is the cast for Fall Formals - The Veeder name in print! Must, per usual, [loss: run] along But with love ‘n love Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Home and Family; Personal Relationships


Theater; Men; Dinners and dining; Cold (Disease)

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 February 8