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Letter to her mother describing her relationship with Ted, a race against the Harvard Crew team, her continued shock that the seniors won Float Night, and schoolwork she must do.


5/22/35 [typed] Wednesday Dearest Mums, People have begun talking about the Generals at meals; it is very disconcerting. I hope to start reviewing on Saturday, but that’s only tentative. I haven’t as yet written to Lunky, though I’ve started a letter, and now there’s Ted’s to answer. Oh, yes. Well, the tale itself is a bit long, but as I said, we went to Pops, and talked afterward. I told him very simply that I had missed the companionship we had had, and that I was sorry to see it go; that he had hardly been himself unless it was for a short time Sunday, and that I didn’t particularly care for the person I found in his place, truth of what I said, apologizing for not doing as he wanted to do and acting as he wanted to act. He said for awhile he had to get used to the reality of being here, of seeing me after so long...during which time his ideas of how much I cared about him did some shifting around...and that he didn’t seem to be quite clear in his mind just what he was doing and what everything meant. He felt a responsibility toward the people in Cambridge, as he had never met them before, only knew the son who rode up with him, and he wasn’t sure how much I wanted to see him. He was quite disturbed when I said that I thought we were very different and that our ideas of the value of things didn’t coincide; that while I could understand his practicality, I thought at times it went beyond normality, or words equivalent. I didn’t say anything about dress for the dance, not much about punctuality, but it all came under the heading of disagreement and loss of mutual companionship. But he was so very concerned, and appeared so appreciative of my “understanding” that we talked amicably, and he convinced me that he was indeed sorry. And in Tuesday’s mail came a very short note, written while he was waiting for breakfast at Pomeroy’s. :”In these few days you have seen me at what I hope is my worst. Hereafter, my best to thee always. The saving grace of this newest departure is your picture--so quiet, thoughtful, patient; you shall be my teacher.” And today, one from Philadelphia, speaking of “the dilemma of wanting to show appreciation and actually registering what must have been a disheartening indifference…...if you have [deletion: illegible] regrets that our true companionship was missing, so have I, for I doubt whether there is anything I could honestly crave more. Let us never lost [mis-spelling: lose] that beautiful harmony of understanding that transcends the barriers of individuality. Let us grow thru our likenesses and our differences will lose themselves. I am so proud of you, so fond of you, that when we meet on these far flung intervals, time seems at first so inadequate for the timelessness of our companionship…..When you write home, remember me to your mother--she is very kind.” You are hereby remembered. Not for T. alone, though, but for me, because I was so glad that you could come, and so proud to introduce you to Ted and others as my mother. Sorry I couldn’t have had more time with you, but what we did have was fine, wasn’t it? Dr. Wellman asked the next day if you had gone back, and said that he enjoyed meeting you. Oh, news: today at 4:40 the senior crew is hostess to the Harvard Crew on Lake Waban! I don’t know how it was managed, but we re [mis-spelling: we’re] rowing against them for a secret stunt. Isn’t it a riot? I’ll let you know how it comes out. We’re only just beginning to realize that we won Float Night! Now I must go. Paper for education, and a couple of mre [mis-spelling: more] plays to read for Drama, then go for a review of courses, and corralling of material to use as illustrations; a Press Board banquet Monday, and sometime a party given by our Cox’s father, because we won the race! [handwritten] Blue sky & white clouds - tra-la- Love- Ginger [written in right margin] (probably after The General)


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Athletics and Physical Education; Tradition and Ritual


Men; Rowing; Harvard University; Float Night

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 May 22