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Letter to her mother describing Don's birthday party, her anger at Don's attitude, and plans to go to a dance with Dick; and discussing possible dates for visits from her mother and Ralph and from Ted.


4/8/35 Monday Mums dearest, Having just finished a letter to Mildred asking about Frances' possibilities of corresponding from Australia, and having also just stamped Ted's letter I wrote yesterday, I shall now turn my attention Sch-woards [mis-spelling: Sch-wards]]. Hello! Went in to Don's as per planned Saturday night, but things didn't go as well as I could have. They didn't announce it...seems Mr. and Mrs. Curtis think long engagements aren't too good and they'd rather not have it announced. So lee is a bit bewildered. Not going out with anyone at home, not having anybody congenial to talk with, she had look forward to April 6 for a long time, and it was all right, I mean everybody had a pretty good time, but I could have shot Don. He hardly paid any attention to Lee at all, and seemed to take everything she suggested the wrong way. It was very much his birthday party and not their joint celebration. He was the center of everything, and Lee was almost too quiet...perfectly willing to have Don lead, but at least looking for a little recognition. I started a couple of games...the guessing one, to which others added similar stories...and particularly the conversation one which worked quite beautifully. We sang around the piano, danced a little, but there was an undercurrent of unhappiness and Don's indifference to everything but his own pleasure. I was furious at him. I had decided not to take and Lee’s present anyway, but to send it to her later... so there wasn't any embarrassment there, but I had told Lee about getting Don a gift, and she seemed so pleased that I gave it to him just as we are leaving, but I hated to. I'd like to have a good talk with him. Bob Smith is coming out Friday night I think---he may give me Don side of it. Saturday I'm going into a Sigma Nu informal with Dick. Regardless of whether I don't care anything about Dick or not, I like to dance too much to refuse. Yesterday took the little old Novel down to Tizzie for a quiet afternoon and got about 10 pages done, stayed for Vespers and then came home to write to Ted. Bed, and classes and letters and now more novel! I'm going to have my picture taken some time next week I think--in time for an Easter present to T. if possible. Now I must run….oh goodness yes, I almost forgot….cold si [mis-spelling: is] in the stage of morning clutteriness but daytime clarity, and I am being more than faithful with the fish. As for days when you and Ralph can come...the operetta is April 26 and 27 but nothing else is happening. The finished novel is due the 14th of May, but I'm thru worrying about it, I wrote quite easily yesterday, and not going to fuss about exact words for this..I’ll wait will [mis-spelling: till] I have time.. I'm also going to enjoy these few months that are left here. You approve? When I wrote Ted I suggested the Crew Races on May 17th. He might enjoy the actics [mis-spelling: antics]. Fraid [mis-spelling: Afraid] I must run. Did the pictures ever come out that Hugin took? And don't forget to get one of the beard. That might put him in a good humor for a while, he loves having his picture taken. I won't right then, until you tell me, but I'm ready any time. Loving you Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Academics


Men; Parties; Cold (Disease)

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 April 8