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Letter to her mother describing a visit from her friend Leslie Underhill's mother, the personality test she took, and her surprise at the warm reception from students.


Sept ‘33 [21 September, 1933] Thursday nite How do you do again Mumsy dear - So sorry to bother you, but I fear you must wade through another letter. I'm partially settled. At least I'm in my permanent room, have my suitcases emptied into my drawers & up on the closet shelf, my radio tuned to a symphony concert, & your picture before me, so here goes. Mrs. Underhill came this afternoon and took Leslie & me to tea, then to get a waste basket, & finally to dinner at the New Moon. It was awfully nice, & we had a very fine time. We went to Seiler’s to [Page 2] tea - cinnamon toast & tea with lemon for 25¢, & a very good dinner for 25¢. Mrs. Carr remembered me, and asked me how things were going. Mrs. Underhill stayed there tonite, so we brought them trade I guess. That's about all that happened today, except the Personality Test, which was just the same as the one I had last 2 years ago in J.C. & contained such questions as preferring to stand rather than as a latecomer to take a front seat etc. Tomorrow we have an interest text supposed to show us our vocation, [Page 3] And I think I've had that too, but I can always take it over. It's so nice not being a Freshman - I mean you feel bit superior & quite old stuff already, & they look rather new but lots of them horribly sophisticated. But I'm being agreeably surprised - people seem to be very willing to make you feel at home & aside from holding but welcoming arms, they really don't succeed in giving me the least inferior feeling. Besides I know lots of the Transfers pretty well too, & don't seem to feel [Page 4] a bit strange. I'm quite delighted & I'm just beginning to realize that I'm actually at Wellesley. Kinda swell, eh what? Dear dear it's getting late. But needless to say I am enjoyed your letter greatly. And the weekend of Oct. 12th, so far as I know would be perfectly marvelous. By that time I'll probably have a list made out that will stun you! Oh they're playing “Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” It's too cute. So nite nite, on that love to the bestest, Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships


Shopping; Afternoon teas; College student orientation

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 September 21