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Letter to her mother describing her performance on quizzes, her professor's tough grading strategies, a date with Ted, and her choice to miss the Fall Formal play to go to an M.I.T. dance; and discussing travel arrangements for her trip home for Christmas break.


Dec ‘33 [6 December, 1933] Wednesday P.M. Mumsy darling - Well it's Wednesday again, & again I'm on my way Bostonward to my Oriole Friendship Home Library Club! I'm taking “Bird’s Christmas Carol” to read to them today. Oh I do feel so good - all my quizzes are over and I even have my Bible assignment done for tomorrow! And the said horrors weren't so terribly bad after all. Hard, but quite fair, & while I haven't an idea what grade I have made, I really felt as if I knew the stuff pretty well. However, one never can tell about these hard headed professors. Even if they were all men, they feel as if they had a conscientious duty to grade as low as is humanly possible. [Page 2] But it does pay to keep up every day. We stayed up till 6 c’clock this morning doing her Bible notebook, & plans to study for a Geology quiz tonight - while I'm going to bed - or else staying in Boston, I don't know. I'm meeting Ted for dinner, & may stay in Nashua. Then Friday is the dance at M.I.T. with Stocky. Yes, I'm wearing Blue velvet. If I can find a little hat I may invest - but don't suppose I can find one. Then Saturday is the play. However I had to decide between saying one line in the play, and going to the dance at M.I.T., & I was a bum & chose the dance, so she said she’d get someone to take my place, but she couldn't [Page 3] change both nights, so I just won't appear Saturday either. I sort of hated to do it but I did hate to miss the dance somehow too. Got your train instructions intact, but darling, I don’t see any point in throwing away $10, do you? And that’s what it would amount to. There’s only a slight difference in hours, & I can’t quite see pending $15. I’d find out for sure what time the bus leaves, & when it gets in, & I’m quite sure it will stop right outside Cazenove Hall, so it would almost be easier. How’d you like to meet me in New York? There’s a chartered bus [Page 4] going straight thru! If it were only 150 miles nearer! We're practically in Boston now, so I fear the scrawl must end. However, the latest idea is that I will get in Schenect - about 9:30 Thursday evening. Don't you really think that's the most sensible thing to do? As I do so want to be a sensible child! We’re in so bye & love Ginny Hello - Busses leave Boston at 5:30 & arrive Schenectady 1:56 A.M. How’s about it? They don't stop at Wellesley - don't even go by it. So unless they charter one, & it's unlikely, it sort of knocks the [illegible: theories?], doesn't it?


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Theater; Men; Dance parties; Buses

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 December 6