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Letter to her mother describing the view from her window in Cazenove Hall, decor in her room, her friend Lee's upcoming birthday, and missing California; and discussing travel arrangements for her family's upcoming visit to Wellesley.


[Oct. 12, 1933] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Thursday Noon Howdy Mumsy - Is it raining home the way it's trying to here? (Starting off with the weather - fo’give [mis-spelling: forgive] me.) But it doesn't bother me much. Little merry sunshine here, but it's really only misting, I'm very adequately protected. Besides there's a Robin chirping right outside my window. Had to make out a Personnel Blank yesterday & include all the family history almost. The woman got very interested in the fact that we were in California though, cause she spends her summers there & knew Pomona quite well. Also in the Journalistic phase of me, & offered her advice & service if I should need it. Expect a masterpiece [Page 2] [loss: any day] now. My window is situated so that I can see all the breadmen, milkmen, expressman and garbagemen who come to the kitchen, so I do have a little view the outside world. But don't have my curtains yet. I didn't see any I liked here & haven't been into Boston, so I'm kind of waiting till you come to help me choose them. How about bringing a sample that Scottie material if there's any left, & seeing how it goes with the room. I know it'll take 6 yds for [the] curtains, & about 3 I think for the front of the bookcase. As I remember it, that material was pretty expensive, wasn't it? I'm using the Paisley shawl for a couch cover, & it works very nicely. Of course it isn't very bright, but the [Pages 3] red's do harmonize nicely with the rugs. Perhaps my curtains ought to contain more red or blue than the Scottie ones, I don't know. We'll see. Expected to get some letters written last night, but Lee & I got to talking & I just didn't. By the way, birthday is Oct. 15th, so we probably better take her to dinner or something seeing as how she and her mother took me too. When you do have to leave, & more particularly, when do you arrive? don't wait till Saturday now just because I have classes Thursday & Friday! Come as soon as you can, & I'll try to have my work done so nothing will interfere with the whole weekend. We ought to have fun. [Page 4] I haven't been able to find out prices for the Inn except that they serve 75¢ & a $1.25 dinner, but I don't know the overnight rates. I'll post you soon as I can discover them. Sorry we haven't a sleeping porch here! But I can appreciate the cute little Snow-Whites we'd all be along about December if we were exposed to the elements. No nice soothing California fog and smudge cover us! Doesn't it seem already I like a different person who was there? Somehow it's even hard for me to write to the girls there, but I've written most of them. I wish a postal card were enough, & it really is rather foolish to keep up an extensive correspondence, don't you think? Heavens I have hard enough work trying to get a letter off to Mum Mum! But I will. “Be all good girl darling,” says your loving child. P.S. tell grandpa hello for me


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life


Travel; Weather; Dormitories

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 12