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Letter to her mother announcing her membership in the Wellesley College Press Board; and describing the excitement on campus as Thanksgiving approaches, a letter she received from an M.I.T. student, and her resolution to write to friends in California.


[typed] [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release November 28, 1933 Mrs. Millicent W. Veeder 108 Elmer Avenue Schenectady, New York My extremely dear Mrs. Veeder, I beg leave to inform you that your daughter is now full fledged member of the Wellesley College Press Board, and is at the present moment seated in the sanctuary, pounding away at a great rate. Having just finished a couple of stories to the New Haven papers, I have the typing fever in my blood, and this is the sad result. But as I said, earlier on the eyes, n’est pas? Has anything happened? Let--me--think. Not so much. Everyone is going around saying Only 2 weeks more, and the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But of course it follows as the night the day, that all our little proffy-woffies [mis-spelling: professors] are getting worried about our state of knowledge, and are assigning cute little quizzes for next week. Oh, so cute. Will you pardon the flippancy? But as Archy says in his new biography of Mehitable, i never think when i write because i never can do two things at the same time and do them both well With that little explanation, I can proceed with whatever there [Page 2] is to proceed with. Which isn't much, I must confess. One item perhaps is that yesterday I received a very catchy letter from our friend Mr. Evans. He mentioned that very very enjoyable day at Hedges, and lamented the fact that he couldn't stay for the dance. Also that the women dragged him off to call on so many fool ladies who talked about their ailments and the condition of the crops, that he hadn't been able to get down to see me before he had to leave. He's enjoying M.I.T. greatly, and has had but one day since he left home, he confessed. Asked for a picture of me! Wanted to know if those snaps you took had ever been developed. So I shall be forced to finish up the roll now on the camera, and send the boy the little pictures. Wonder if Anne has returned to Linden Ave. as yet. Do you realize that it was just a year ago that she and we had all the excitement of calling up the Express Storage Co., and that she had decided to leave for good and all? Wonder how long it will last this time. I do feel sorry for her. I'm running out of news, and also comments. Might start on the weather, as it's perfectly swell day, sort of snappy, but lots of sunshine, and very reminiscent of California winters. Oh, those California winters. I haven’t written to anyone out there in so long they'll all have forgotten about me, but I just can't seem to get around to it somehow. But I'm going to reform. One day of Christmas vacation is going to be spent solely in catching up on my correspondence. Ain’t that some resolution? Also the end of the paper! So, as Anogene would say, “I shall return, I shall return.” More Love Me. [handwritten in the left margin of page 2] Just got the key, & many thanks. Love again Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life


College student newspapers and periodicals; Men; Thanksgiving Day; Typewriting

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 November 28