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Letter to her mother describing Crew practice, meals with friends, a cone trip down Lake Waban, and her experience as a transfer student; and discussing arrangements for her family's upcoming visit to Wellesley.


[18 October, 1933] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Wednesday Noon Mother darling - I didn't mean not to get a letter to you yesterday, but somehow it just didn’t get written. It was pretty full day. After a morning of classes & the Libe [mis-spelling: Library], & music in the P.M. Lee & I went down for Crew & managed to get out for practice on both hours. It was grand on the Lake, and Crew is honestly more fun than I've had in ages. Everybody pulling together & just skimming across the water. It's grand for my back too, cause we all have to sit up very straight, & is it going to develop arms & leg muscle! It's not as strenuous as you might think, cause [Page 2] we rest in between rowing & of course just starting out, we have to have lots of instruction too. But it’s simply grand. We stayed out yet great big harvest moon came up about 5:30 and the college from the Lake looks beautiful. Then we hurried thru a shower & into some clothes to go to dinner with the girl who knew Katherine Berkley at Pomona. And after a very pleasant few minutes with her & her friends in their room afterwards, we had to leave for Choir rehearsal, after which we went to Barnswallows to sign up for Barn - business & publicity end. Then Anne Hart came in with some cakes, so we finished up the cider with them, & finally tumbled into bed. [Page 3] The night before we had an impromptu spread. Meaning that we tasted the cider & decided if we didn’t swaller [mis-spelling: swallow] it now, it’d be vinegar on the morrow - so we collected about 8 or 9 gals, & sat around drinking cider & some crackers & peanut butter Lee & I had purchased in the Vil, to say nothing of the apples & cookies Charlie - her cousin, had brought for us. We all wrote him a little letter of thanks for the cider & wished he were here etc. Everybody seemed to have a grand time & it was lots of fun. And it’s an awfully nice crown, most of us on this floor, but 2 or 3 upstairs. And you know how delicious [Page 4] crackers & peanut butter can be! And that afternoon, which was Monday I guess, after crew, Lee & I took a canoe & paddled way up the inlet until we came to an old fallen mill & broken dam. We picked our way around the bricks, & when we got to the top, could see that it lead into another lake farther on. So someday maybe we’ll find a way to carry the canoe over, & explore some more. It was beautiful tho, cause the inlet was very still, and went right thru the woods, & the branches sometimes hung down over the waters - with the sun just sprinkled on the trees. Mighty fine. And you ask if I like it as well as Pomona at this time? But of course I do! Everybody has been [Page 5] just grand, & I don’t feel as if I didn’t belong The way I did a little entering as a freshman at Pomona. Everybody's interested in Transfers here, & always exclaim muchly when I say I'm from Calif: and I'm from Hollywood too - I discovered people didn't know much where Glendale was, so I stretched the point a little, & it works like charm - & always starts conversation rolling. Very bad of me, but much more prestige! Yes I’ll write Jean soon if I break my fool neck doing it. And also to Mum Mum. Next time you write, tell her a special hello for me & that as soon as ever I have a minute I'll use it to write to her. Listen - you keep on with your Shakespeare [Page 6] course. It won't take very long now until your degree, and we might want to return to Calif. Some day. Goodness knows when tho,& maybe by then I'll be helping to hold the purse strings, huh? Say we’ll have to be putting on the boxing gloves when I get home - you with your bowling and me with Crew - it ought to build up the straight & wicked right like nobody's business. Found out I may have to sing in choir the Sunday you're here - would you rather see your child in the choir, or sit beside her or not be there at all? I think I can change with someone else though - & then we can do just as we like that day. And I'm there at 9:30 AM. Saturday - cutting Comp. - so why worry about only an afternoon? Love n’a hug Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Athletics and Physical Education; Home and Family; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Rowing; Food; Wellesley College Choir; Lakes; Lake Waban

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 18