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Letter to her mother describing her classes, advice from her 'big sister,' acceptance into the Choir, upcoming teas put on by the societies, and buying textbooks.


[27 September, 1933] Sept ‘33 [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Wed AM. Dear Mudder [mis-spelling: Mother], Hello, hello, & hello again. And top of the afternoon to you. I have just finished lunch, & an Econ. class & hope to get this in the afternoon mail. And I have to write poor Ralph ‘cause he hasn't had any of my letters and feels pretty blue about it. His permanent address is 132 E. Court St., and he seems to be very comfortably arranged in a suite of two rooms shared by one of his Profs whom he describes as a Prince. and I am very satisfactorily situated in my one room, cause I never have to think about anyone else's feelings or rights when I'm here, but can do as I damn please - what time I do have to stay here. [Page 2] My big sister has been grand to me, & advised me to drop the Art Course this year. Now wait a minute! She's an Art major, & says the course is very intensive, & ends with Roman art - not touching Renaissance, modern or the really interesting things. It's designed as a basis for people really vitally interested in Art, & is not a Survey course at all. So I'm going to take History of Music this year, which I also know very little about, & next year take a Senior course especially planned for those who want merely to have a general knowledge of Art, but who aren't planning to major in the subject. Don't you think that sounds more sensible, as long as the Senior Course surveys the whole [Page 3] field? Had Speech this AM. too and it's going to be fun. Don't be surprised to hear me dropping my r’s and enunciating very clearly when I arrive home cause that's what I'll probably do - unless as she says, we take Standard English as another language & only use it around Campus & for traveling purposes! Oh & I made Choir. I was sort of disappointed last night cause my name wasn't on any list I could find and neither was Lee’s, but somebody came and told us we got in, so that's that. The 1st rehearsal was last nite, which of course we missed, but there were about 6 others too, so it's all right. And we get to sing with Harvard [Page 4] sometime, besides singing every other Sunday in Chapel. From what I know of glee clubs, it ought to be most fun. This afternoon we're going to some teas given by the various societies from 4 to 6, to decide which one we’d like to prefer. That's the question of their preferring us! But it's a grand day, & I could prefer most anything - nice to hear about Albert - but I never expected a Scientific Farmer out of him! Wish him power! I must go buy books, worse luck, so here's where my purse flattens out a bit. Hope to get them 2nd hand tho. Love & a lot from, the Baby


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Home and Family; Student Life


Wellesley College Choir; Societies; Art--Study and teaching; Schedules, School

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 September 27