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Letter to her mother describing a sweater she is knitting, the appearance of two of her professors, and the fee to connect her radio.


Sept 33 [26 September, 1933] Cazenove Hall [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Tuesday AM. Mother my darling Bright and early in the morning - that is it's fairly early, but still rather foggy Was so delighted to receive your perfectly marvelous letter yesterday. Your description of the countryside, including the sheep, was grand, and I do wish I had been with you, cause I can imagine how beautiful it was. It was mighty fine here too, & I guess I told you we all went for a walk. Last night we went downtown again, got ourselves some yarn & knitting needles, and have started sweaters. No, of course I don't know anything about it, but Lee does, and I have 7 rows all done without a mistake. Ambitious, your darter [mis-spelling: daughter], eh? I'm making it of white, so I can wear [Page 2] it with all my skirts, & if it ever does get done, I think it won't be half bad. No, I won't neglect my work and it probably won't see the light till next summer, but it's really surprising how fast it goes - we're doing ‘em on big needles - and miracles may happen. I'm in the library now, in the Bible room - a whole huge room devoted to nothing but Biblical History. It’s painfully quiet, the the scratch of this pen sounds like a fire risen. Ah yes, we have much assignments already. My Bible teacher is Miss Dutcher - tall, with black hair parted on the right & drawn back into a small knot in her neck, black shiny, wrinkled crepe dress with a silver chain around her neck. High cheekbones & lean jaws. And she knows how she looks cause she said one of the joys of getting old was that [Page 3] when stopped worrying about style. However I think she's going to be fine - I hope so. I have a man for Econ. too, so I won't be looking at all Petticoats. He's young with a mustache to make him appear older. Got a letter from Ralph yesterday, & his address temporarily is Williams Hall, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. So if you do send him the picture, he’d probably get very excited about it. Oh I can send it if you don't want to bother. Yes'm, I got the curling iron & appreciate it greatly, as I've been using water & bobbie pins heretofore - make it look halfway decent. And you see I anticipated the little “sermon” about the radio, & forbore to connect it - till I moved over here & got permission. I decided [Page 4] it wasn't really worth it too, but now I've paid my dollar, & can use it all my & my neighbor’s discretion. That might be a grand idea about the Christmas cards - at least a look-see. Extra pennies around Christmas aren't so terribly unwelcome, are they? I just got Anogene’s picture yesterday too, & I like it a lot. She looks so very deceivingly demure tho, don't you think? I must write to her - but I don't seem to get more than a minute or two snatched here and there to write. And now that classes & big assignments have started, I shall have to burn the midnight oil I fear. I have a conference now to be sure I don't need any more gym - So must run fast More love, from the child


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Faculty, Staff and Administrators; Home and Family; Student Life


Radio--Receivers and reception; Libraries; Knitting

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 September 26