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Letter to her mother describing her interview with the Christian Science Monitor, a job offer from them, her first visit to the Boston Public Library, and the news from the Los Angeles Times; and discussing arrangements for her family's trip to Wellesley for Commencement.


Apr? May? [deletion:Jan] ‘35 [13 february, 1935] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF PUBLICITY Darlingest - Oh I’ve had the loveliest day! Went in to Boston to see the Editor of the Christian Science Monitor - and it was spring in Boston! I enjoyed just walking along the streets. The man himself was very nice - said he thought I had done very well with the Archeological story so he had called hoping I might be interested in sending in some more material suited to their needs. They hadn’t been able to get what they wanted from colleges for the most part - but what they wanted were [Page 2] stories showing trends of development, with Wellesley merely as an example. I surprised him, I think, by understanding what he meant and by re-phrasing it to show I really “got it.” He asked if I were a Senior and if I were interested in the newspaper work, if I were majoring in Composition, etc. To which I very sincerely and very convincingly, I hope, said a fervent yes. As I say, he was a very nice man, about 40, but not the hard boiled editor - but interested, interesting & encouraging. So I’m going to get busy. If I could land a job there, it [Page 3] would be perfectly marvelous. I didn’t see any women sitting around the office, but I was impressed by the fact that all the men were so awfully nice looking. The whole atmosphere of the room was calm, busy but not the rushing, noisy place of the bigger papers. And the downstairs lounge where I waited is lovely. In fact the whole building is. They have regular tours of the place. It’s right across from the Christian Science Temple, quite near Huntington Avenue. When I came out, I felt as [Page 4] jubilant & happy as if I’d just been handed a job with a $50 a week salary! Incidentally they pay 35¢ an inch, which is more than the Boston Herald! And at last I’ve seen the Boston Public Library! I had an hour to wait for the train, so skipped over there & had a beautiful time - the Frieze of the Prophets - exhibit of stamp collection, rare books room, - saw the Gregorian Chant book of the 16th century, bound in heavy leather & standing about 2 feet high - illuminated copies of The Canterbury Tales, numerous 1st editions, including some recent ones [Page 5] of Edna St. Vincent Millay - wonder if she’ll rival Chaucer! And a huge bowl which the people of Boston presented to Daniel Webster for some reason or other. Still had some time, so hied me to the periodical room to take a peek at the good old L.A. Times. Item: the flowers are all out on the Ridge, except the Verbenas, and they are having extra policemen to direct traffic in that area because so many have come to see them - they being, as California naively puts it more beautiful this year than ever. Bullocks were [Page 6] having a sale of sweaters for summer wear and Pomona is having track meets every Saturday. Tra-la-la-la-la! But I love Spring Fever. It’s wonderful. I haven’t done a speck of work and I’m going to bed early - but it’s been a grand day. Didn’t you want to fling the kids out of the window and stay out with them? When is school out? I want to reserve rooms for Commencement which occurs Monday the 12th. You’ll want to come that Friday, probably though, so I’ll get busy right away. Wellesley Hill O.K.? People have already begun reserving at the Inn. Also Friday May 17th is Float Night - Shall I reserve for then also? Only 4 more months! Muchly Love Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life


Job hunting; Newspapers; Boston Public Library; Homesickness; Hotels

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 February 13