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Letter to her mother describing making Crew with her friend Lee, celebrating in Wellesley downtown [the Vil], and her failed plans to see "Rome" in Boston; and discussing the lives of family and friends. This letter contains a racial epithet.


Oct 24 ‘33 Tuesday AM. Dearest - As I am totally unable to secure 3 books I must have for the culture of Israelites, I shall profitably employ my time. Not a great deal to say, but at least I can follow in Woody’s footsteps. I loved the subtle exclamation point at the end. But heck Mom, I don't wait 2 weeks anyway, do I? And the only “mean” I have to offer is the fact that your wayward daughter has made Crew! Out of the preliminary squad of about 30, both Lee & I [Page 2] made crews. We were the only beginners - all the rest had had two years of training, & do we feel elated. And if one of the Varsity 8 gets frozen angles or a cracked arm, we stand a chance of rowing in the Field Day meet next Thursday. Ain’t it swell? We went down to the Vil last night and celebrated by getting us some cake & ice cream, & harmonizing all the way home. I'm getting pretty good on such things as “Granita”, “Drink to me Only” & and “Lazybones”! We called the theater for “Rome” tickets only to be told that the house was completely sold out 2 weeks ago! And it didn't even come out in our paper that it was in Boston till last week - so that's that I guess. We may go in on the chance of getting last minute seats but it's pretty doubtful. Maybe she'll be in New York Christmas time if we go visiting Mildred (!) Got a letter from her yesterday describing her apartment & the street & saying she was glad I liked it here, knew I’d make [Page 3] good etc. Also one from Anogene. She really is teaching in the little Mt. town in Colorado, getting $75 a month and having 34 kids, mostly Mexicans & Japs! Says she may get to school next semester depending on her Dad. I sure hope he comes across as he ought to. Oh oh - I see my book is arrived so must read away. This AM. I told Miss Dutcher after class I thought the climate of Palestine was like California, & she was very pleased at perception of the parallel. There are good sides to people, & I must get on ‘em! Love till next time Yore [mis-spelling: your] little darter [mis-spelling: daughter]. P.S. Just got home & found my pillow slip. They’re darling - and you're even more so.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Athletics and Physical Education; Home and Family; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Rowing; Theater; Books

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 24