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Letter to her mother describing the speech at chapel, her exam schedule, her feelings about her last Step Singing, and a letter she must write to Ralph.


5/27/35 Sun. eve. Mother darling - Hello to you anyway - phone call or no. Hasn’t it been a glorious day? I wanted to sit under a tree with the sunshine splashing thru, & just lie back & halfconciously [mis-spelling: half-consciously] think of nothing in particular. ‘Twould be so pleasant. But I was good. At least I think I was. Sang in choir this morning & the man talked about Pedassos [mis-spelling: Pedasos] the pladding horse - which we should all try to be like. Pegasus with his silver hoofs [mis-spelling: hooves] is fine for the skies, but he must be tempered with the Grim Grit and Patriot Pladding of Pedasoss [mis-spelling: Pedasos]. How timely. The G.G.’s and the P.P.’s will see us thru the General no doubt. His ideas were wonderful, but he exploded his consonants dramatically and sung his n’s & m’s. And so I sat, not wanting to be a patriot pladder at all, when the sun was warm on the green trees. But to show that I could [Page 2] be, I took some of my notes out on the hill, and with Grim Grit and gretermination [mis-spelling: determination], I conquered a whole course! But there is much more. The exam schedule? Well, the General & all his corporals comes in Friday the 31st. The others follow in this fashion: Tuesday June 4 A.M. - Comp. 305 (drama) Thursday “ 6 “ - Comp. 303 (criticism) Friday “ 7 P.M. - Education Monday “ 10 AM. - Bible Amen. Last Step Singing Friday - we marched off the steps & up thru the archway of Founders - then watched the Juniors climb down to our steps. So soon we will be nothing but the “class of 1935.” How inevitably things work out - but withal, how grandly. It’s been a wonderful year. How can the years keep on being better. They’ve done it so consistently - Well - I’ll get back. Letter to Ralph too tonight haven’t been to the Vil for a card. Too bad I can’t see him in between. He wears well from a distance (don’t sneak in a sly little comment about comparison now - Ted has written some classic letters since the weekend - but letters aren’t everything! Love to you - muchly Ginger. P.S. That is not to say, that letters are nothing! Specially Yours. Even tho I hibernate & pull my shell in after me, I’ll stick out my head for meals & for the postman! [image: stick-figure drawing of a turtle with a smiley face head]


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Tradition and Ritual


Weather; Wellesley College Choir; Examinations; Men; Stepsinging

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 May 27