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Letter to her mother describing the dinner and dance she went to with Peggy, Dick, Terry, and Jim, activities at Peggy's and the men's apartments, a Valentine's gift from Ralph, and plans to go to a dance with Stocky; and discussed her relationship with several men and how to avoid hurting their feelings. This letter contains a racial epithet.


2/19/34 [stationary heading] WELLESLEY, MASS. Monday noon Dearest Hello, hello & hello again. Whew! For a breathing spell after the weekend. But it was a grand week - very grand. I don’t know when I’ve had such a good time at a dance. It was, as I said, a dinner dance - an excellent one - little individual steaks wrapped in bacon etc., tiny glasses of very good Sherry to season it, ice cream in flat molds with delicious cake - a very jolly colored chef named Robert, many fireplaces all glowing all evening, grand orchestra, many compliments on Ginger's appearance - eyes - hat - butterfly wings - dancing - (probably the biggest reason for enjoyment!) good dancers - in fact it was a most fine evening. We came back to the apartment after the dance is over, for pancakes about [Page 2] 2:30 AM., & had much jollification over tying dish towels around our formals, & watching Terry flop ‘em over. Then they took us in to Peggy's & we slept till practically 12. They were very very nice to us - accepted it as a matter of course that we were included in dinner, & the whole thing was most informal & very charming. Played Ping Pong, shot a .22 down cellar at a target - & incidentally hit the bullseye once & a tin can once, played the piano & sang, worked on a jig saw puzzle - in fact had a very good time there. Then Dick came for us about 4:30, we went in to the apartment for toasted sandwiches, then to Friends meeting, & back again for bridge, hearts, etc. including a listening attitude towards Dick's interest in the Battle of Jutland. Then back here about 12, [Page 2] talk till 1:30, & a joint letter writing activity - me to Ted, till after 2. In which letter I gave out the implication that it wasn't fair to spoil what we had - merely let our friendship develop as it could into its “inspiring potentials.” I haven't sent it yet - and this morning I had a letter from him - almost obviously not mentioning last Wednesday. And just at the end, he said write soon Ginger - while I can't see you, your letters are my elan vital. So I don't know. Thanks for your interpretation of acrostic - I never even thought of it. And it is like him to take this way - thru subtle means - to tell me. However I think just as subtle a reply, tho not in poetry - is called for - don't you? To answer your question - we ate in [Page 3] the “Seville” - Spanish atmospherey place I told you about before - & I didn't do a thing afterwards except come home. He put me on the train - with the “Valentine.” How in the world could you change the velvet hat? When it was a creation of Hollywood? Anyway, don't give it away to anyone - it's still looks passably well on me, & I may have something to wear it with some day. It's a cute hat still, but it is trying to wear. The N.Y. trip sounds good - don't fall down on it, cause I think it's what you need. And I do think you wrong Ted about picking on the nearest recipient - as far as I can see he hasn't had a great deal of interest in affairs of the heart before, & is still rather vague in his mind now as to the exact stand - witness the “vaguely defined yet so strong” - I don't want to hurt the boy, & I don't think I will - but I shan't write him a poem with initial letters as you suggested! I think - at least I hope I can forstall [mis-spelling: forestall] that possibility by simply keeping it on a friendship basis. Because I [Page 4] think that he would rather have my friendship than none at all. I think in my letter I said something about being the rare sort of friends we could both be to each other - & continue the relationship we’d both enjoy so much. No darling, I don't think I'm finding it mutual against my will. I'm a little bit puzzled just what my attitude should be toward both Ralph & Ted - & now Dick -, [illegible deletion] for I'm afraid most of my heart remains where it’s been beatin’ for the past 19 or so years - nobody's been able to claim it entirely yet - pieces, here & there, but the grooves each aren't deep enough. I just hope I can manage things as they should be, without any “broken” hearts in the bargain. I'm getting worried about Dick too, lately - he showed tendencies of my having inspired amorous thoughts! Oh me oh my - t’ain't [mis-spelling: it ain’t] easy, but we'll hope things end all right. Oh yes, & I found a note from Stocky when I got back inviting me to a Formal Glee Club dance Wednesday night! Sure I'm going. Then Stocky, Otto, Lee & I are going to do something Thursday - haven't decided quite what yet - gave up the idea of climbing Mt. Monadnock - though it’s Springy today, and now must think of something else to do to while away the day. Any suggestions? What was the remark about thinking Ralph so divine - at Christmas? That little adjective is inconsistent with me, Mumsy - I did like him a lot, but I never considered him perfect. However, candidly speaking, none of these boys have been powerful enough to make me oblivious to Ralph - so don't fear [Page 5] yet for your Big Boy. He's still very much in the running. And his valentine, as I'm quite sure I mentioned (don't you read my letter?!!!!!) was a heart shaped box of candy of red plush with pinkish paper flowers on the top. Quite hideous, but probably cheaper, & the contents as well as the thought, were much appreciated and enjoyed. I was so glad to find your letter waiting for me when I got in. It was a sort of hello darling - did you have a good time - tell mother all about it. Does the upside down Spec. Deliv. mean 10 times as much? Heck, I'll get a freight car stamp! But it's time for mail - & time to have a little mercy on your eyes. Maybe I won't be able to write tomorrow. So don't be expecting one - just save half of this huge rambling for another day - but it's very nice to talk things over with you - even at a distance. Be good - & enjoy yourself, (Yes indeed, it can be done), And my bestest love Ginger.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Student Life


Men; Dinners and dining; Food; Dance parties

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 February 19