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Letter to her mother discussing a difficult Economics quiz, their relationship with Lee and her mother, an essay she wrote, and a party with the Crew team.


5/21/34 [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Dearest dear, And it's tomorrow already. Is it gray there too? It's been a bit indefinite here. Have just finished an Ec. quiz which was what is technically and vulgarly called foul. I’d inclose it, if I thought you'd be able to make out what the questions meant! I had only studied for it a little while this morning, and I'm so glad I had that much sense. It wouldn’t have done a particle of good, the whole thing was theoretical, and per usual, 3 or 4 books could have been written on each question--we having 50 minutes for the whole thing. But I'm not worrying---he’ll grade on the curve anyway, if the whole class thought it hard, he'll grade in accordance with the average. Besides I wrote 5 pages on one side, so I'm chipper as a chipmunk, and the taxes and unemployment of the world just don't bother me at all. Well, not much! Lee and I talked for a long time after Mothers Lee and Ginger had driven away. I was so glad you could go together, instead of starting off all alone back home, after our so glorious weekend together. Lee, it seems was conscious of being tired, but she was more concerned with finding her mother for the first time, almost. Did Mr. Underhill tell you anything about it? Anyway she didn't mean to have seemed disinterested, and really had a very fine time. The indecisive quality which we criticized was deliberate, it seems. She siad [mis-spelling: said] she felt she and her mother had run off and left us to wait quite a bit, and she wanted to leave the actual decisions up to us, without dogmatically asserting her preferences. Since the feeling was mutual, we hashed it out, and came more or less to the conclusion that you and I did...the over-politeness when it really didn't matter. So that's settled. I knew Lee had much clearer ideas than she showed, and I thought there must [deletion: h] have been a reason...sense of tired, mingled with sense of past neglect. So there you are. Oh but it was grand though...having you all to myself up here. And we did have such a fine time, didn't we? At least I did, definitely. I hope the train ride home wasn't too long and drawn out. You didn't forget Ida Elizabeth, did you? Uh huh, I wrote the essay last night, but decided the Forgetting one was too comprehensive to be given light treatment, and might well be used for my final paper, by enlarging on it, carrying it thru the regrets of all the different ages from childhood to old age etc. So I wrote about the difficulties of writing an essay. Now wait a minute, I know it sounds like high school stuff, but I brought in all the ideas I did think of, put it all on the basis of being tired and not being able to grasp the significance of any one of them adequately, and so giving the various ideas in a sentence or two. I don't think it was much good, but it's something hand in, and I don't much care whether she likes it or not. Just found out that there's to be a party tonight for the crews, in honor of Jess's birthday, so we will turn out in full force. I think I may keep up crew voluntarily for the next week, cause they do a lot of silly rowing with back strokes, with off oars, etc. and I've been told it's a lot of fun. Sides [mis-spelling: Besides], I need to keep trim. But now I suppose Job will be a bit sad if I don't tackle him next--patiently sad, of course, but I know he'll feel a bit hurt, so, I'm [Page 2] afraid I shouldn’t incur Miss Dutcher’s wrath by neglecting me old pal Job, and I shall go after him with salve for his boils. Loving you greatly though---yes, yes inddeed [mis-spelling: indeed]. I wouldn't trade you for anybody I know, and I'm mighty proud to be your Wellesley daughter! Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Athletics and Physical Education


Rowing; Grading and marking (Students); Parties

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 May 21