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Letter to her mother describing work on her novel, an informal dance with Dick, preparations for a recital, and her friend Lee's engagement announcement; and discussing a potential visit from her mother and Ralph. Includes the program for a drama recital. Date later added to the head of the letter appears to be incorrect.


[22 April, 1935] Apr ‘35 [typed] [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Dearest Mums, and then some, Seated at my little typewriter, I was not weary, nor yet am I ill at ease, but quite chipper with the unexpected and welcomed sunlight which is flooding our fair campus. I have discarded my polo coat and am supporting the gray jacket, feeling Californified and almost too warm. Hasn't the weather been terrible these past few days? Lordy, I'm glad I had my novel to do, because I faced away from the window and transported myself to Crandall's Corners. I finished the first draft yesterday afternoon, and I'm planning to type it this P.M., with time out for a crew callout at 3:40. The lake looks so gorgeous this morning that I'm looking forward to it mightily. Nothing in particular has happened. I spent the whole day Saturday, from 8 to 12, and from 1 to 6 writing the novel, and really enjoyed the rainy day. Oh, yes, something did happen. I went to the Sigma Nu dance with Dick, and had a surprisingly good time. It was informal, and I wore my brown with a sleeves, which Dick had seen, and he was properly impressed. He really is awfully good for my ego, because he notices clothes, how well I look, how swell I am, what a good dancer, what a good time he is having, and just generally how he approves of me! Very flattering, however undeserved. And he was also pleased that I wasn't forced to dance with him all evening, but got cut in on by practically every boy in the fraternity. Not that he didn't enjoy dancing with me more than [Page 2] [handwritten] anyone else (I'm in Speech class - tra- la la la!), as he carefully and enthusiastically explained. But I could see he gained prestige by not bringing a wallflower. Jimmy & Bobbie were there - very happy - and so was Terry, on his good behavior. [typed] Back again She got to talking about the delivery of poetry and I had to listen. I'm going to be in the recital on the 23rd--enclosed is the schedule. Now I’ve got to cut the selection down to 6 minutes, and re-learn it in that form. More tra-la-la-las. When are you coming out to see me? I haven't heard from Ralph yet, either, but I'm writing today to urge his coming. He needs a vacation, and I think that trip to the Cape would be marvelous. I was talking to a Little Eva yesterday, and she said she had a friend there whom she just never got to see, and she was moaning about I told her there was possibility of are driving down there, she nearly jumped on my neck. If possible, do you think we might take her, thus creating a little party of 4 instead of 3? It might be more pleasant for you, incase [mis-spelling: in case] Ralph does come and has designs on my time cause he hasn't seen me since Christmas. I have an idea he won't come though, he's so darn afraid of those Smorg people. However, I’ll write. It would be nice to have you come for Easter, but it would also be nice to have you during the week, so really, whenever you feel would do you the most good, first or last or middle is O.K. with me. And let's hope it is springlike! When you come, will you bring a blank from the Auto place, because my license runs out May 31, and I'll have to have a new one. If you don't get down, though, you can send it later. [Page 3] [handwritten] Too bad about the Sisson house - but perhaps you will come down rather than not have us take it. Anyway, we'll see, eh? Am going to the Vil today to have my picture taken - the same place Lee had hers - oh, incidentally I heard from her, and everything is quite all right - it seems Mrs. Curtis told Don he shouldn't announce it, and he, literal-minded boy, took it to mean don't announce - so hence the mix-up. It came out in the Boston Herald Sunday however, with her picture - and in her letter she sounded most happy. I spent Friday [Page 4] night writing to her what I thought of the whole thing, but got her letter before I sent mine, so everything is fine. - at least I hope so. It ought in some way to make up for the Wellesley fracas. My appointment is in 15 minutes, so I'll travel along. Be good now - or rather - be discreet! Love in enormous quantities or rather qualities Ginger (how’s that for a signature!) (O.K. about suit - it’s gone & perhaps be back Saturday!)


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Home and Family; Personal Relationships


Dance parties; Men; Theater; Newspapers; Marriage proposals

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 April 15?