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Letter to her mother thanking her mother for sending items she forgot; and describing her attempts to end her relationship with Dick, her workload in classes and organizations, plans to go to the Theater Guild plays, and her letters with Ralph.


9/28/34 [typed] Friday Dearestest, Have letters deserted me, says mother? My daughter so darn busy she can't put a stamp on an envelope? (But you must appreciate me saving the pennies!) Not seriously, please. However, here arriveth your Saturday letter….hello! Darling the box arrived intact yesterday.. and not only intact but inclusively appreciated. My dress looks grand, and needless to say, the brownies were……….superlatively wonderful. I offered them to Helen, the girl who spent Junior year in Germany, and she said she didn't wonder where I got my liking for cooking, if I could make such marvelous things as could my mother. No foolin’, I do believe they're the best you've ever made. They're simply grand! Dick called last night, and wanted first to take me in to dinner at the fraternity house Sunday and then go and call on Bobbie and Jimmy. I had asked my little sister to dinner, and said no. Then it was for Saturday night, but that is the night of Barn reception, play and dance, to which I also have invited the little sister, so I said no. Then he thought about Friday night, but I still said no. I just don't see any point in hsving [mis-spelling: having] him come out any more. And I don't want to start it again. I suppose I'll have to see him sometime this year, but I'm not going to if I can help it. It was all right last year, and I enjoyed the things he took me to. But I've been. And I don't care too little cents about going out with him. I'm going to be too busy this year to waste my time on something that isn't very much worth while. That doesn't mean any slam to Dick who’s a very nice boy, but he just isn't worth losing 2 or 3 hours of sleep for, which a date, no matter on what night, would mean. I can’t do him much good anymore, he's gone thru the stage of being lonely and feeling down….he has a girl in Iowa and he knows about Ralph,....and I'm not interested in his ideas anymore. So I think I shall cross him off the list. Politely, but with a firm pencil. Approve? None of the other swains have I heard [Page 2] from. And the funny thing about it is that I truly don't care a whoop! I won't have much time anyway. Crew starts next week, which means more extra, but it's too grand to give up, and I wouldn't think of it. Besides, so far, I haven't felt the pressure. I'm going on the principle of getting everything done at least one or two days before it is due, and that way I never have that rushed feeling that comes with things that have to be accomplished, with no time to do it in. Press Board isn't taking much more time than it did last year, because I don't have all of the home town papers in Conn. to look out for, which never gave me any pay. Just Boston and New Haven. So I may even go out for editorial board of News. No, I don't think I'm doing too much...if I find I am, I can always drop something, but this is my last year, and I want it to be even better than last year was, if possible. And as long as we didn't get in to Boston so awfully much last year except for the Italians, we decided to go in to the Theater Guild plays. Mug and Hort are going, and I'm trtting [mis-spelling: trotting] down to the vil this afternoon to see about tickets. They're giving Ah Wilderness and Men in White for the first 2, and there are 4 others, all for $3.55, and the matinee is on Sat. P.M., so… you also approve? Especially as the courses I'm taking how to do with drama. At least 3 of them do. I've completed my scenario of Esther, and am going to get Something Human this afternoon at the bookstore, and start on that. It's loads of fun to make something over into a play, but there are such oceans of technical details that have to be gone over first. However, I do like it loads. So wish me luck. Haven't gotten out on the gold [mis-spelling: golf] course as yet, but made a date to play with Eleanor Lentz some time in the future. If it only didn't take time! But when crew starts, I'll get enough exercise, so I won't worry about that. Oh yes, the pink slip of Lee's is one that she gave me because it was too small for her, but since it also is tight on me, I left it there. If you can make anything out of it or wear it, go ahead. [Page 3] Yes indeed I should love the Reader's Digest when you’ve finished with it. I may not get time to read all of it, but I would like to look it over, and then send it on to Ralph. He sent me his copy of Ibsen’s plays, which I thought was sweet of him, but fortunately I can't use it as we have to mark ours, and I shouldn't want to do that to his. However, I shan’t tell him that, but thank him very much, as I did appreciate his sending it to me. The people at the Smorg gave it to him...but by its newness since last Christmas, I don't believe he has read very much of it. Poor boy...not much time. Have been hearing from him though in spite of work...not so often, but mine have had great gaps in them too. Oh by the way, could you send Picky’s pattern some time? I may not see her before the 13th, but she wrote, and in her letter mentioned it as her favorite skirt pattern. I may see her when I go in next Sat., but then again I may ask her out here. I do want to keep in touch with her this year though. And Hilda too. May be chances of home coming! Here arrives Hort to go downtown….so….more later...but my best love meantime….my bestest, in fact, [handwritten] Ginger heeh!


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships; Arts, Theater and Music


Men; College student newspapers and periodicals; Rowing; Theater

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 September 28