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6 pages + 1 note + 1 bill + 1 envelope


Letter to her mother describing pledge dinner with T.Z.E., the new pin and requirements she got from T.Z.E., and letters from Ralph and Ted. Includes a bill of dues for T.Z.E. Date later added to the head of the letter appears to be incorrect.


[1 November, 1934] ‘34? Thursday AM Dearest - Only a minute before class begins - but one might quite well make use of one’s spare minutes, eh? And I forgot my shorthand book this morning! But the dinner last night was so much fun. It was formal - and at the Inn. And all thru dinner, the pledges were called on to entertain, extemporaneously. Dinner itself was a treat - lamp [mis-spelling: lamb] chops (oh, mushroom soup) strip of bacon, green beans, sausage, french fried potatoes, rolls, chocolate sundaes & cake, & coffee. Some of the [Page 2] stunts were funny, “perk like coffee, scramble like an egg & come down to breakfast.” etc. Others were to describe a date with the Ec. Prof. - mine, the last, was to be Miss DeBanke directing the Verse Speaking Choir - so I buzzed like a bee & got her inflection I think - & what’s more - I got applause! They gave us flowers afterwards (from the table decorations) and were simply grand to us - so glad we were there & in, etc. It’s belonging - actually. The most exhilerating [mis-spelling: exhilarating] feeling. We’re to have initiation Saturday Night - wear all white, even [Page 3] to underwear - wash hair 24 hours before, take bath same time limit - & be very pure. Then there’s Sunday morning breakfast at 9 A.M., & a meeting Wednesday. Our pledge pins are replicas of a bear - & the story was told very touchingly last night about about one the “Tizzyites” befriended, made into a rug for the fireplace, who got moths in him till they had to perpetuate his memory on the pledge pins. I don't know when we get our regular ones, but I think they’re very good looking. Oh yes, we have to learn the family tree & a poem of Shelley’s - & heaven knows what for initiation. But that you shall know later. (as you may have gathered - this been added to at various moments during classes, & I’m now at home - about to start on an education paper.. One letter from Ralph - leaden and, well - not. An appreciation from Ted of my birthday card and my “catchy little poem - but it cleverly Keeps me in the dark so that I have no idea what [Page 4] you’re doing except imagining logically that you are having a busy & interesting time taking yours truly pretty much for granted, while he awaits your word with impatience.” However he hadn’t received my letter yet - which I think will change his viewpoint - & I haven’t heard from him since that - of course he only got it Tuesday! I do hope [deletion: can] he can come up some weekend. It may perfectly well be that letters aren’t very much of an example of personality - [Page 5] And that while enjoying his letters - it may only be that - expression better on that basis - but at least we can see. My last letter to Ralph was a bit significant I think - I made it quite friendly, told him about the weekend, with a certain affectionate note all thru it, but a bit detached. He may not say thru subtle meanings, because on the surface it was quite the same - but - if I can’t be exactly honest with him as yet, as to how I [Page 6] feel or think I’m going to feel (which heavens knows is a bit complicated) I can at least not be dishonest & say things or even imply those which I don’t truly mean. Don’t worry though - I shan’t do any severing of connections - that would be futile too. I’ll just let things work out - but I’ve got to be sincere about it all the time, as we agreed. I have an idea you’ll be interested in the results of Ted’s visit, if & when it occurs. The results may not be positive - but at least there are bound to be results of Some Kind. Just happened to think - I’ll save this for your Saturday letter, since it’s grown to such proportions. So - for now - My best Ginger (distinctive, eh what?) [Page 7] I’m taking the Herald money for this - and other at your leisure.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships


Tau Zeta Epsilon; Money; Men; Initiations (into trades, societies, etc.)

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 October 18