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Letter to her mother describing an evening at Don's home, her criticism of an article Ted wrote, a letter from Helen, her desire for Helen and Ralph to become close, and a check she received from the Boston Herald. Postmarked envelope may not belong to this letter.


Monday Morning - [Loss]ums belov’ - Planned to write you a line or so [loss: last] night, but after a whole day, exclusive [loss: of] choir spent on my Exposition, I [loss: turned] in at 12 sans a letter! That [loss: exposition] has developed strangely - it now is a great deal more than an appreciation of Wellesley - or a great deal less, I don’t quite know - but it has finally evolved into a letter to Shirley (Hopkins) in which the main idea is to show her the necessity of college - but it [loss: gives?] an excellent chance for an exposition of a lot of my ideas, & was fun to write. I’ll let you read it, and if you think best, I may send it to her in a thick envelope! Saturday night? Oh yes. It was fun, of The Virginia reel, singing, murder playing [Page 2] variety. We went in to the play “Gold Eagle Guy” in the afternoon - fairly good, - settings excellent, costumes elaborate, acting definitely passable - ended spectacularly with the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, fire & falling plaster. Then Don met us, and took us to a [loss] broiler dinner at his house. Uh [loss: huh]. The boys came - Sea Scouts & Rovers - and awfully nice. Little Eva had brought her grass skirt, and she did the hula for us. And the boys said afterwards that it was perfectly beautiful - you didn’t think of hips, you thought of grace - arms, & her whole body just moving in graceful waves. She did do it awfully well, to the accompaniment of Don’s banjo. Then we trooped out to the Kitchen, made sandwiches, spread crackers etc, & together with Mr. & Mrs. Curtis, sat down around the dining room table and ate. It seems that luck is with us when it comes to homes to be invited to, eh? Haven’t heard from Ralph all week - [Page 3] [loss: and] I can’t seem to care. Perhaps [loss: sometime] I will. Ted sent me a copy of “The Lutheran” - in which his article on Protestantism in The Nazi State was published. It was a good article, many facts presented clearly [loss] most intellectually - and without the popular appeal it could have had, had he worked in some of his own experiences, or things he saw - also personalities of men he talked about, which he had met. I can see why it didn't make the Atlantic, & I think I should tell him so - nicely of course. Later - noon Back again - oh, it was so good to get your letter. Back of everything I do is love, stability - I’ve just got to live up to it. It’s a big challenge, mums - but it’s a grand one. Take care of yourself now - I do hope you still don’t [Page 4] feel “sick as can be.” ‘Tain’t no fun - and besides, well, be good to yourself. Wish I might have seen you two “lovely ladies” at the reception. Haven’t had a thing like that here, formal, I mean. The next important one is Fall Formals in December, but I haven’t heard precisely how that is to come out. I must write Ted a formal invitation, eh? Letter from Helen this morning too. She’s in Ithaca, has, together with 3 other girls, an apt. which is quite luxurious, on Geneva St. Can you think where that is? I don’t remember. Said she called Ralph & he came over, but looked tired - it [loss] Good to talk to someone she knew. The girls all thought he was “so nice.” But I’m not to worry, they’re all either engaged or practically so! I’m not sure but that it would be awfully good for Ralph [Page 5] to see Helen a bit. He needs companionship there - if he has time - and I think Helen & he might click rather well. When I write, I’ll suggest that I’m glad she’s there - and writing to Helen, tell her I’m also glad she can see him. Yes, I’m doing it with my eyes open. It may make things a little easier for me if he has some other interest, instead of this terribly oppressing all-eggs-in-one-basket sort of relationship to me. That does sound funny, doesn’t it! But don’t you think it would be good for him? I must write to Helen - I owed [loss: her] a letter anyway. She asked how you were, & asked to be remembered to you. Said she wished I were there with them (to Which Ralph agreed - she hoped he would feel free to come in if it was any relaxation or pleasure for him. Also said she’d had a crazy dream about Keith, which was silly, [Page 6] dreadfully silly, but somethings “just can’t be totally forgotten.” Poor Kid - I must write to her - also to Keith sometime. Darn it there are so many things I want to do. Item: check for $2.00 today from Herald that’s mounting up, praise the Lord. Went up in the Tower with Little Eva yesterday P.M - & took some pictures, which I’ll send for your approval if they materialize effectively. She was thrilled to death with being able to see so far. But wasn’t yesterday lovely? Warm, I mean. Much contrast to last year. Can’t think of [loss] thing I wanted to say - so better stop saying them. Love you most vehemently though - but in a very nice, refined, restrained sort of way - rather! Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Home and Family; Student Life


Dinners and dining; Men; College student newspapers and periodicals; Newspapers; Money; Galen Stone Tower

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 November 19?