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Letter to her mother describing the orchids she received from Lunk, the Prom with Lunk, her dress, and a dance at M.I.T. with Dick; and discussing whether she should apply for a scholarship to graduate school to study journalism. Date later added to the head of the letter appears to be incorrect.


[21 April, 1935] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF PUBLICITY Sunday Dearest - I just cannot sit & grind out dialogue of a novel with 7 baby Orchid sitting here in front of me! I’ve just got to tell you about it before I do another thing. First of all - It was indeed Prom - superb, sophisticated, suave, stupendous, and the rest. I don't know when I'm had such a thoroughly good time at a dance. To begin with, Lunk is by far the best dancer I've met in many a moon. When we all gathered in Hort’s room afterwards, all the girls simply went into superlatives. It was grand. He had perfect rhythm, could dance equally well slow or fast time, and did mightily [Page 2] impress the crowd. All of us had a good time though. Everyone said it was more fun than had had been seen in Wellesley in four years. We were a very congenial bunch to begin with. - 14 of us. Mug, Hort, Frannie & Helen, Doris [deletion: Capen] Carpenter, who lives right near Helen, & Mary Flanders who used to be here but who came back for Prom. We were going to the tea dance here, but decided that not many were going & it would be more fun to go in to The Copley Plaza. Dancing 50¢ couple! And, as the lady with the “who will eat the bread” says - ‘so we did! It was really awfully nice because we had a chance to get acquainted with each other - sitting at the table between dances - more than we would have at a [Page 3] place where the girls were cutting in all the time - and then the orchestra was good, of course, being the Copley Plaza orchestra. So that was the starter. Then we came back to dress for dinner. I wore my blue, because I hadn't been able to get all silver slippers for Friday night, & didn't have either shoes or accessories to go with the one you sent. It looks nice - I don't know yet whether I'd better keep it or not, but I don't think I had - I don't really need another formal, & I will need something more for Spring than I do now. It was sweet of you to send it though, & the color is pretty. But I always have a good [Page 4] time in the blue one. It was quite O.K. for Prom, & I didn't have the feeling it was old or worn at all. I like to wear it, really, & it did look nice, if I do say so. And Lunky's corsage! Darling - orchids at last - for my Senior Prom! Not the big ones, but 7 small one, mixed with 3 sprays of some blue flower - don't know the name. It looked gorgeous on my dress - and I fairly sparkled & bubbled at Lunk the rest of the evening! Dinner was what might have been the delight of a hostess - the height of her desires that everyone enjoy it. Frannie & Nate, Lunk & I were at one end, and the four of us sat there not only throwing the ball [Page 5] of conversation, but catapulting it. I have never left so hard & enjoyed a dinner so much. The 4 of us made a good combination! And Prom itself - I don't know why, but it seemed so much more like Prom than Junior Prom did. I think it was because of the crowd. We'd met every so often in between dances, & we all walked together for the Grand March. Then at supper we gathered in a circle - chicken salad, rolls, olives & coffee - served by the Prom Maids - the prettiest girls in The Sophomore Class. Alumnae was decorated to be Fairyland - & surprisingly well. The columns [Page 6] had gnomes painted on cardboard - cobwebs of gold something or other were strung around. Gold balloons over all the chandeliers, & a backdrop at one end with Fairyish scenes - moons of yellow cellophane etcetera. And the orchids - They're just as lovely today. - all feathery inside & transparent outside. Bless Lunk! For Friday night I had gardenias - Dick was very nice & while Prom rather puts anything else in the background, I did have an awfully good time Friday - it was at the Statler, & they had Ishim [mis-spelling: Isham] Jones - who was marvelous. Each Fraternity had its table, we traded dances with them mostly - & the place was thronged. My red dress was quite adequate, & while I [Page 7] usually don't like gardenias very well, they went beautifully with it. Incidentally, Lunk said he wasn't going to send me gardenias - everybody sent them, and besides he didn't like them! And my orchids are so beautiful. Stayed all night with Bobby - had cocoa about 4 AM, Then got up at 9:30 AM. for a breakfast of hot toast, scrambled eggs etc. Slept a little when I got back here, but didn't feel tired till about 3 A.M. this morning! Then I dropped into bed & didn't wake up till 11! I've got to concentrate on my novel, due Tuesday - and I [Page 8] must get at it right away. I'll save other details, if any, till I see you. When can you make it? Haven't found anyone that's driving out have you? Too bad the car isn't out of hock. Friday night there's a Dance Drama recital. I haven't any idea what it will be like, but if you don't stay in Springfield, that’s something that's over here. Oh well - I must away to work - My bestest love to you - I have to write Ralph sometime tonight. I’ll wait until the glow passes away a little! Your hope was quite right - it was swell! Ginger [Page 9] P.S. How would you like to have me going to school another year? No darling - I haven't flunked out - but the Medill School of Journalism in Northwestern University offer some scholarships for graduate study, & from what I've heard it's pretty slick. Miss Perkins told me about it, so just for curiosity I wrote & they've sent me a scholarship application blank which has to be in by March 7. Of course it has to have letters of recommendation etc., statement of finances & what not, but the application itself must be in by that date. I haven't really had any specific training in Journalism or editorial, magazine writing - and there are all sorts of course is given. In case I didn't get a job this [Page 10] year I'd have my summer free & then take specialized courses for a year which would really lead to something. It may be quite impossible - but I've never been to a big university - might as well complete my variety of collegiate experience! Anyway, let me know what you think of the idea as such. You know me, getting enthusiastic about something which isn't practical, but it might be fun to try. I should think trained people with a cultural college background would have a much better chance at a real job. How much is your annual income - in other words, what is definite statement of your financial situation? Guess I can answer that though - Low. Very low! eh? And your daughter gets orchids! Tra la la la! Wish I could send you one. Love - equally of course equally ‘votedly [mis-spelling: devotedly] Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Personal Relationships; Academics


Proms; Clothing and dress; Men; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Universities and colleges--Graduate work; Journalism

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 March 3