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Letter to her mother describing her enjoying the extra hour from daylight savings, plans to go to Harvard with Brent, the Barnswallows reception, and her growing interest in drama; and discussing her relationships with Dick and Brent.


10/1/34 Monday morning - Dearest - This daylight saving - standard time has its advantages - if one suddenly finds himself awake before the first bell at quarter of seven - that one doesn't and can't go back to sleep again, so, realizing that more than 8 hours of sleep have already been had - and that the same one went to bed last night without writing a note to you - (all of this in one sentence, mind you) Hello! [Page 2] From my desk, I can see a faint glimmer off to the left which ought to mean the sun will be shining perhaps today - So far it's done that all of 3 days! Yesterday it cleared off enough however, for Brent to take me for a ride, so I could see the foliage - we tried to find a lone apple tree away from civilization, but there just wasn't any, so to make up for it, he invited me [Page 3] in to Lowell House this Saturday night for dinner! As that is the evening of the “Ah Wilderness” afternoon of the Guild Plays, it works in beautifully. He asked me if there is someone else to bring so there would be 2 girls, since only 1 wasn't allowed - so that makes it very nice. He and his roommate, who drove him out and the same swell car we went to the beach with, have both seen it, and are very eager for our opinions. So it may be a bit of fun [Page 4] and interestingly different. Lowell House at Harvard darling! We’ll hope Lee doesn't have a date for that evening. No mention of the surprise however - and it just wasn't the child's place to remind him eagerly of it! Barn reception went off rather well - little sister had a lovely time, and big sister did her best - but feet were very tired that night - a piano to dance to - a little sister with limited dancing experience - but she, being very enthusiastic about everything - got much Wellesley thrills about it. Worked last night on making “Something Human” into [Page 5] a play - and went so far as to get the first act sketched in - don't know yet just how much to in - or ex-clude, but here's hoping it does work out someway. I liked the book a lot & I enjoy trying to work it out - and my courses correlate so beautifully that I have hints for most of them how to do it. I'm getting very much interested in Drama, both writing, seeing and acting - not alarmingly [Page 6] so, but it's quite fascinating and has been done to such perfection that I'm wondering just how bad my little “sketchings” are. I'll know pretty soon, although the whole play isn't due till the 16th that however doesn't leave too long - with all the rest - but surprisingly enough it's all fitting in very nicely - and I'm trying casually not to have it pile up & conflict - and I'm getting at least 8 hours of sleep - add to that the fact that I eat [Page 7] like 2 horses in from a hard day - and you'll have the picture. It's a grand one from my standpoint, & I love it. Dreamed last night I was home, collecting things to come back here with & who should appear but Bob Howard to take me! Amused? I’m surprised I haven't had a little pink announcement. Later 11:45 Somehow breakfast and classes had to be gone to & now I'm back waiting for lunch - and I'm so glad I didn't send [Page 8] this before I'd gotten your perfectly swell-elegant one. Talk about asking me to read it - darling - it wasn’t possible to stop me - cause there you were - and a very fine you - as always but more so. Whee! And my hat off to your day! It makes my little concentrated ones look so very little. We planned on going on a canoe trip in the afternoon - Lee asking one of her little sisters and I asking Moira, but it rained, so I sat by the window & read Something Human - [Page 9] and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks for the tip about Human Bondage - I shan’t regret not seeing it. The bookcase? Somebody just mentioned yesterday how cunning my little curtain was, so don't think of changing - ‘sides, I shouldn't like to give up my little gnomes - they're the sprightliness of life and the joy of living - or something. Dr. Hastings has cut his Vandyke!!!!?! [Page 10] Do please get up a petition so he'll grow it again - it's an outrage - what woman would want a man to trim off his individuality like that - and what man would want to! O.K. I'll take your advice - I really was very nice to Dick even though I refused, so he doesn't know I had mentally decided there wasn't any point in our seeing each other - and at that, I don't care so much about dates which aren't “inspiring” (big word - you get the meaning) to worry [Page 11] too much as to whether I ever go in to the fraternity house for dinner or not. Conclusion - I know what that's like - I don’t know what Lowell House is like - I shall be interested to know - it is neither Dick nor Brent - it is the places I can go with them without loss of time or sleep. Boy am I getting hard hearted and diggish - but ‘tis the heavily veiled truth. When did you have this conversation with Ralph - and just how much did you tell him about “dates?” I [Page 12] shall be most casual when I mention Brent I think - if I do mention him. On second thoughts I don't think I will. He expressed decided disapproval of the Harvard way of living, & of my repetition (of which I was unaware) & pronunciation of Harvard. I may tell him just for fun - we'll see. Oh yes - I have enough money - an itemized account for your perusal if desired - it won't last forever I suppose, but don't worry about sending me any - I'm quite secure. Also I got a check for $1.68 today from the “Herald” so things are looking up! Hurray! Do give Woody my fond regards - And my very best - to the very best - Ginny (PS.) Wrote to [illegible] the 1st week.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Student Life; Personal Relationships


Men; Harvard University; Barnswallows; Theater

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 October 1