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Letter to her mother describing exams, potential summer classes she could take, several friend's (Ralph, Dick, Stocky) plans for the summer, and visits from Ted; and discussing travel arrangements to return home from Wellesley. Date later added to the head of the letter appears to be incorrect.


Jan 7 ‘37 [typed] [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Thurs. Dearest, With a free spirit, I can sit down to my old standby and say hello to you! Free, that is, until next Monday, but with Bible, Speech and Music off my chest, I can breathe a bit easily and then settle down to a most comprehensive review for Psych. and Ec. Music wasn't too bad. I recognized those themes which he played and I think I got the composer correct for the unknown piece he played. But since I've heard diverse interpretations, I'm not so awfully sure. I also have a feeling he will grade pretty hard, and with my term’s average, I'm not expecting more than a gift of a C. However, I do have some news for you---just a little bit, but I saw my speech teacher yesterday a few hours after the exam, and she told me in strict confidence that my grade was a definite A. So I'm somewhat pleased. I won't hear from the others until in the summer some time. And what will I be doing this summer? I admit it was a disappointment to know that Union was out of the question. But I suppose Albany won't be too bad. The question now is what shall I take? As long as they don't give Spanish. In case I ever did want to fall back on teaching, do you think I should meet the requirement and take some Education? I couldn't teach without it, and I could get the Philosophy of Education at Albany, which oughtn’t to be too hard, do you think? Then there is Problem Behavior, which ought to be quite interesting, or in the field of Library Science, BOOk collectiOn. Those are the only things, besides Sociology and Shakespeare that I want, and the latter I imagine will be too much work for my purpose, in a s much as I received a copy of suggestions for summer study for majors in English Comp. . Also the list of books strongly recommended for such. The whole covers a mere matter of 10 pages, so I can see where a good deal of my time is to be spent on the porch with a book in my hand, and (I hope) some lemonade or ice cream in the other! Was Jean sending me a summer school catalogue? I haven't received it, and so am sending for one on my own hook, on account of I have to have it all O.K’d here before venturing into the halls of Albany. So Ralph is getting formal to his “Mother Veeder”, is he? No, darling, I can assure you there have been no differences. I think I can explain it on the grounds that the poor boy has been all up in the air about his summer anyway. Said he had been making ome [mis-spelling: some] mad plans for the summer, but must keep everything in the background until after commencement. He's lonely, stuck in a small place, no job in sight, and consequently feeling rather low. Hasn't told me anything about the plans, expect [miss-spelling: except] that Frank was there, and held out a very meager hope which probably wouldn't resolve into anything. I've gotten used to his formal expression--sometimes even trite expression, and just accept it as part of him---he is a most un-extroverted sort of person, and he baffles me sometimes but... I don't think it's too important, against background of other things, [Page 2] do you? Yes, Dick and Stocky have gone their separate ways, tho Stocky will return to teach summer school sometime before July. Ted is very much here---in fact, he has been rather much right here. By which I mean that he has secured his roommate's car at sundry intervals, and has come out for a few hours to see me--either going canoeing, or just riding around, talking. Haha, I've been quite successful in keeping it matter-of-factly compatible, with a great deal of affection. You know? It's a very happy sort of arrangement, and I think I put enough emphasis on not doing any-thing to spoil it, so that it will continue that way. I'm seeing him tonight just until 10, and then the 13th for the picnic. And hes sails the 20th. He's been telling me I should take the boat down to New York the 19th, and see him off--or rather I facetiously suggested that after a wistful hint he gave me! No, don't take me seriously, I haven't had any intention of doing it, and will you forgive me if I haven't yet decided what day I should come home? You see, Commencement is Monday, and while I don't care tremendously about being here, still Lee isn't leaving until Tuesday noon, and we might take the day off Monday and spree…. in view of the fact that we won't be seeing each other this summer----they may, in fact take a trip to the coast. But that's still theoretical. Anyway, there's no point in your having to take the train home, even though it's unselfish of you. I could just as well use the ticket myself on Tuesday, or isn't it good then? Anyway I could come home on it Monday if that's better. The only thing is, that if Mildred hasn't been here very much, for you and she leave Sunday wouldn't give her much time to look around... and you have seen what the place looks like. Only I hate to think of your taking that train back. If one of us took it though, we could express the trunk on the ticket, and not have to carry it all the way [deletion: illegible] home on the trunk carrier. We can take it to the station on the carrier and call for it at the Schenectady station. Eh? At any rate, better get the ticket, as someone will use it and it's cheaper than the bus, and I'll be looking for you and Mildred some time Saturday. Will it be morning, afternoon, or evening? Until then-----many fond byes---and probably few letters, but I won't let myself be so busy in the future. Let me know if you got the card yesterday---I didn't have any government postals, so took a chance with one of mu [mis-spelling: my] own manufacture,...... Love some more, Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Home and Family; Personal Relationships

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 June 7