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Letter to her mother describing a date in Boston with her friend Lee's cousin Charley, a visit from Stocky, and her role in the Fall Formals play; and answering her mother's question.


Oct ‘33 ? Nov. [Sent Nov. 27 1933] Monday AM. Dearest Mums - Now Monday morning maybe a very bad time to write a letter, especially if the sky is gray and there's a wind rising, or it may be a very fine day, in spite of set atmospheric conditions, if the weekend has been spent profitably. And I think I'm may reasonably reassure myself that it has. For besides writing my - or rather your - short story, I have digested large amounts of Econ., Philosophy etc. So I'm quite pleased with myself. Now how's that for a sweet young Wellesley girl’s weekend? Oh but that isn't the whole story, cause Saturday night, I saw Conrad [Page 2] Nagle [mis-spelling: Nagel] in “The First Apple”, and I went with Charley Alton. Question mark, says mother. Well as you remember, along about the 1st of the year, Lee's cousin came thru Boston and took us for a ride, getting us cider etc.? Anyway he called from Worcester and said he was in town for the weekend, & was I by any chance not otherwise occupied, which I wasn't. He's awfully nice, went to Swarthmore and graduated from U.C.L.A., so we enjoyed the evening - dinner first & then the play. It was very light, not much to it, but some clever lines, and of course Conrad. He'd shaved [Page 3] his mustache & looked much younger, and was altogether very appealing. We were going someplace to dance afterward, but we got in so much traffic getting out of the theater district that we didn't have time. Charley’s very nice and we had an awfully good time. He travels for some company, that's why he gets around in this vicinity every so often. He made a date for January when he comes again! Yesterday was a very lazy day - didn't go to church but worked, & then planned to get to bed early, so got in P.J's, & we are just about to make coffee, about 9:30, when the maid comes in, & [Page 4] says I have a caller. She also says he is tall & very nice looking, & that I’d better come out. So I dashes back, puts on the makeup I had just completely taken off, gets out of pajamas & slippers, & pulls out the hairpins & net, & gets out there in 5 minutes! And it was Stocky, the M.I.T. man. His roommate had just taken Peggy back here, & Stocky came along, & wanted me to go driving. I hadn't poked my nose out all day, so I signed out for an 11:30, & we just drove around for awhile. And I had the time of my life, keeping up with their [Page 5] clever phrases they tossed back & forth. Guess I held up my end sufficiently cause when we came in, Stocky asked me to go to an M.I.T. House dance December 8. Did I accept with pleasure? Or perhaps did I? Not that the House dance will probably be terribly exciting, but Stocky is President of the Junior Class, & is therefore in charge of Junior Prom which happens along in the Spring, & I wouldn't mind an invitation. Sides, he's as funny as a crutch, so I'll probably have a passably good time. Fall Formals are the next night here, & I may ask him. We'll see. Yes darling, [Page 6] Fall Formals consist of a play, & a dance afterward. And a 2nd Airman is indeed an aviator, dressed in red & carrying a bomb. All I have to do is walk out on the stage - but all by myself - and stand in the center, and say “Expect for devices for ravaging the earth. A final test, please.” And lead the group off the stage. I'm sure I'll forget my lines, or something - but think of your daughter breaking into dramatics! Exciting, eh what? And now for the questions 1. Lee is the only transfer student who is classified. They never do it until the end of the semester, but she had taken exactly parallel courses to the ones giving here, so they classified her right at the start. Ease your mind? 2. Lee & I came home by train, & always do unless otherwise stated. Didn't I say we were only a little way from the station? 3. I read to the Italians, & we decided upon a name for the club, which is to be called the Oreo friendship Home Library Club, because they just got a new stove which is of the Oriole brand, & of which they are very proud. 4. I have no cold whatsoever at all 5. I didn't get my shoes cause I didn't have time, but I suppose some time soon I shall. There! Also my bulbs are coming [Page 7] up beautifully, & my candles are tipping gently towards each other. Your idea about typing is grand. And I shall make use of it hereafter. Probably be excellent for me, & did I also detect the idea that it would save much eye strain on your part? (No, don't take me seriously, but I imagine ‘tis quite true.) Now I must away, tra la tra-la. Do you realize it's only 2 weeks from Thursday? Do tell me what you think of my bus plans - when I get them definitely And so byeby [mis-spelling: byebye], love to my mummy Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Men; Automobiles; Dance parties; Theater

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 November 27