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Letter to her mother discussing train and bus schedules to get home for Christmas vacation, plans she made for Ralph to visit on Christmas, and how to avoid having to see Bryan; and describing dates with Stocky and a Harvard student, Choir Christmas vespers, and her excitement about going home in a few days.


Dec 11 ‘33 Monday Darling Mums - Well am I running around in circles! And have we cross run our letters! Evidently I didn't make my investigations clear, or the train men don't agree. Because I asked the other day, & he said the train left at 12:45 P.M., & arrived in Schenectady at 6:34 P.M., & cost $12.44 round trip. Said round trip ticket good until Jan. 15th. However he was sort of an old codger, & I'm going down this afternoon to verify it. In any case, I guess it has to be the train, cause they're not running the special bus, & the only one, as I said before, I could get would be the 5 o’clock one from Boston arriving in the wee hours of the [Page 2] morning. Also by train, I can check my trunk thru on my ticket & not have to worry about 2 big suitcases lugging around which probably couldn't carry all my junk for 3 weeks anyway. Most everybody is taking a trunk, & I do think it would be simpler all around, don't you? I might take one dress & a toothbrush in my overnite bag in case the trunk didn't come up to the house till Friday, but that would be easy. So is that settled. I'm sorry the bus isn't running, the chartered one I mean, cause there was $7:50 round trip, but I'll see for sure what the [Page 3] Fare is today. Do hope you're right. I'll have 15 minutes to get from my last class to the station. I'm going over to see Dorothea & find out where her taxi is meeting her, & hop in too. If nobody can meet me in Sch - at 6:34, don't worry, cause maybe the Boorne’s will be there, or I can take a trolley up, with no baggage. I wrote to Ralph & told him we’d be expecting him the 24th, & to bring a sock to hang up, so he should feel sure we expected him. Also had an invitation from Bryan to a dance Saturday night, [Page 4] and wrote him that I thought there was a party scheduled,& I wasn't sure I could avoid it. However reasoning a little further, I decided if I got it over with at the beginning, I might not have to give him another date all vacation, so I told him to call up Friday about dinner time when I’d know for sure. I sort of intimated that you had all the whole vacation planned, and just this once, I might be able to persuade you to let me go. However, if we find my presence is too urgently desired, I'll just tell him so. I also flattered his vanity a little [Page 5] I hope, by saying that if I couldn't go, I knew there would be other pinch Littles who would be delighted to go with him - or words to that effect! I hated to refuse him point blank, but I figured on leaving some large loopholes. And indeed I did have a big time over the weekend. I'll save the details till later, but the M.I.T. dances grand. How did I get in? Stocky had his room mate's car, also out that way. The room mate, by the way, is most attractive, & is familiarly known as the dogfish - why I don't know. There was a Christmas tree, a very fine orchestra, & altogether it [Page 6] was most fun. Also the dance here Sat. nite with the Harvard blind date. He turned out very nicely - nothing spectacular, but an excellent dancer. Wore my blue, & got complimented. Vain thing. Sunday was Christmas vespers with Harvard glee club - oh no - they were all Clay Freeman’s! But the music was grand. I'll send the sub. in for the american, but can't I possibly wait till I get home, cause I don't have any blanks here & I might not be able to deduct commission. As a matter of fact I don't know how much exactly to deduct. Would that be too late? It wouldn't actually get there any sooner. [Page 7] Especially if Aunt Gert. bugs the December one. Sorry I haven't got them through. But do you realize, do you comprehend, do you understand & appreciate - that it’s only 3 more days - & 2 more after you get this!!!!!! I can't quite, but I'm slowly beginning to. Glory Be! And a few Hallelujahs. But if you're to get this, I'll have to stop. Forgive my not going into details about the weekend, but time at this point, doesn't permit, & I'll save them all up till [Page 8] Thursday. Thanks for Pomona! It's interesting - I'll have to send that to the officials who praise the name of Poor Mourner [mis-spelling: Pomona]! I think it's delightful I'll be seeing you in [deletion: 3] 2 days Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Wellesley College Choir; Dance parties; Passenger trains; Buses; Men

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 December 11