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Letter to her mother describing a play and reception by the Barnswallows, a letter she received from a man, and a ride through the country with her friend Lee and Lee's cousin; and discussing plans for a visit from her family and the rules for radios in the dormitories.


Oct 33 [16 October, 1933] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Monday Dear Mummy - And I take my pen in hand again to inform you that I am well and happy and hopes this finds you in like state of life. All of which means that it's another fine day, and I’ve just received your swell letter. You do write the grandest ones. Seems to me I recognized the hand of Dr. Baxter in the description of Yaddo, but it was so vivid I felt as if I'd been there too. It sounded like one of these recitals where everybody applauds everything which nobody understands - but also very entertaining. I'm awfully glad you went. And I went to a party too. Saturday night Barnswallows - the dramatic society - gave a play & reception afterward, [Page 2] to which the big sisters all escorted their little sisters. Everybody had a most delightful time at the play cause it was cute as anything “The Princess Marries the Page” by Edna St.Vincent Millay - but the reception was perfectly ducky! There were almost 10 in the receiving line, & each one introduced the one going thru the mill to the receiver on her left, & by the time my name I've gone on down thru the stages of Reeder, Leeder and Veede, it finally ended by being Feeder! And if you can imagine about 900 girls or so all dancing with each other to a piano - amplified however - and all talking at once - you may have a faint idea of it all. But Mary Lee - my big sister - did introduce me around a lot, and I enjoyed that. But by the [Page 3] numbers of girls who flocked into the hall when there weren't any men - not even a janitor - in sight - I have a faint idea what it will be like with some girls do you have a few men around. I hate to think of it - and I think the best policy would be not to take one. You’d probably never see him anyway. Unless of course he were 6 ft. 4! Which reminds me that the reason he didn't get my letters was because the idiot has moved about 6 times and he's now working for his room by tending the furnace. Yes, he writes a nice letter. Said one of the boys who was quite interested in character reading, came up to his room one nite & saw my picture, and this is what he said - [Page 4] - “You had a face that inspired one on. Your eyes were like a magnet and attracted one at first sight. Don't you think he's right? - of course not says Ginny - We both agreed on the analysis. You're beautiful. There is no flattery - just a fact.” So what do you think of that? I get a big chuckle every time I think of it. Yesterday Mary Lee invited me over to Severance for dinner, after which we went to a 2-piano recital in Tower Court, & then for a ride with Lee & her cousin Charlie. He was awfully nice, and besides the apples & homemade strawberry jam that we got along the road, he got us some cider & some grapes, so we're fixed for awhile. The ride was grand - all over the country and the leaves were just beginning to [Page 5] be lovely. Then we stopped in the village at McKenney, where we went that nite for sandwiches & cocoa, remember? - and had waffles and sausages & good coffee for supper. I say good cause the coffee here is just like coffee anywhere made in large quantities. When Lee & I make it, I can actually drink it black & that's something! That's a grand idea about Bryan if he can make it. If he can't I ‘spect [mis-spelling: suspect] we’d better make it 2 weeks later, as it would be a dreadful rush & expense most any other way. And I'm not thru till 3:30 either Friday or [deletion: Satur] Thursday, drat the luck, and have 2 classes Saturday, one at 8:40, & the other at 11:40. However I think I could cut the latter very nicely as it’s [Page 6] Comp., & we never have to write in class! Yes’m, my room faces the driveway as you come in. Not the front, but the side one leading inside the Court - so I'll see you when you arrive, & any day is a swell day [loss: with] me. Tis true - the radio can only be played at noon hour, dinner time, and from 9:30 to 10 P.M. So you see the beauty of being able to turn it down sufficiently to hear it personally - & it is a help not to hear 17 different radios all playing together when one is trying to study - which I must do right away, more's the pity. With distinctly [illegible: amorousity?], which means Love and Hope Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Student Life


Barnswallows; Radio--Receivers and reception; Automobile travel; Parties

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 16