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Letter to her mother describing adjustments to her bank accounts, travel arrangements to return home, letters from Ralph, Ted, and Keith, and having to write by candlelight because she blew a fuse.


Jan 9 ‘34 Tuesday Mother darling - Your letter & check received - but why so soon? I thought you said you had only $10 left till your check came - & I don't need this now. I just went down to the back [mis-spelling: bank] this morning & changed my savings to a checking - oh I mean the other way around. So with $100 or so in the bank, why do I need more? Let me know if you need it, & I'll return it. Won't cash it yet a while anyway, as I don't know anything I really need [Page 2] to get with Mum Mum's present. Also thanks for the information about trains - I'm not sure just how long the exams are & whether I’ll be there by 1:06, but I should think I would. However, roads at present at least are O.K., & if they're not bad, I'll take the bus, because it's about $5 cheaper, & there's no sense wasting money. Of course it doesn't get in until midnight, but what the heck, that's nothing in my healthy life except that you'd have [Page 3] to wait up to meet me. Your letter to Ralph sounds as if it must have been very sweet, & quite properly cordial. Had a letter from him today which said he didn't have any Easter vacation, but all the students were cogitating for it, & he expected they’d get it. Anyway he said he'd find some way to see me when I come home. Perhaps if he doesn't come - can't, I mean, your little scheme of driving out there would be handy - he’d probably bless you for ever. Says the dishwashing job does get a [Page 4] little monotonous, but he thinks of the future & it helps not to mind the present. Poor sweet boy. Also letter from Ted sign your Ted instead of the usual yours, Ted! He's being very busy writing 50 page report on India & didn't mention seeing me, only asked me to write again Soon - so I won't be staying in Boston Wed. evening. Also Miss Huntington said she’d drop around to my Italians with me, so don't worry about me being there “alone”. Glad to hear the flood wasn't more devastating to the Brounell’s. Keith does write a fascinating [Page 5] letter though, doesn't he? He should be given much credit for the effort however I think I'll write him, tell him you sent on the letter & I'll consider it as partly to me. He'd probably appreciate a word about Wellesley I suppose if I can find a minute or two. Tears! Good heavens how could you suspect such? I have an idea what the blurs might have been except perhaps candle grease. I blew out a fuse trying to fix my lamp (which Dick has [Page 6] now in his possession at his insistence to fix) & we had to use candles, but darling rest assured it wasn't tears. I'm afraid I shouldn't quite know how to act if I found myself weeping. Glad to know there's a bus going near your school. Was wondering about your walking on icy mornings The bell has rung & I must flee, Best love, from me


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Personal Relationships


Travel; Money; Men; Banks and banking

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 January 9