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Letter to her mother describing plays she had seen, a double date in Boston with her friend Lee, upcoming plans to go into Boston with her friend Peggy, and a package from her grandmother.


[Nov. 18 1933] Saturday eve. Hello mumsy, And sure and I hope it's a fine good evening to you m’lady. ‘Tis mighty pleasant here with the snow on the ground and the radio in my ears, & your face so smilin’ [mis-spelling: smiling] in front of me. I've been a very bad shirker all day, & haven't done a thing. Went to see Ronald Coleman in “The Masquerade” - and it was grand - very entertaining, and also clever. Have been helping Lee get ready for her date - mending her fur coat etc - and am just now comfortably fixed here. Last night we both had dates in Boston. But you see it was this [Page 2] just, so fashion. A friend of Lee’s named Murray had a friend named Morty. So, since neither had a car, we took the train in, met them there, had a very fine steak dinner, and saw John Boles in “Only Yesterday.” The show was swell, but Lee was faintly bored with her man, and mine was only about an inch taller than I, and while being a Law student, wasn't too terribly interesting. However he wanted to come out this Sunday, & when I told him I was going to be busy, said you call me Monday night. I don't know that I want to bother to go out with him though - but Janet Gaynor in “Paddy the Next Best Thing” is in Wellesley Hills, so I might get taken there. We'll see, but won't lose much sleep about it! And I really am going to be otherwise occupied tomorrow. Peggy Holt, one of Chappies’ friends, ask me if I would like to go to Open House at Tech. Sunday afternoon - said a friend of hers had a friend - etc. Seems he is also the President of the Junior Class, & whatnot. She asked me to come in tonight, spend the night there, & they would come to her house - [Page 3] near Brookline for us, but I had to sing in Choir tomorrow, and anyway I didn't just like going in for 3 meals & a night without ever having met her mother or anything. She was very cordial about it though, but I'm going in tomorrow right after choir. I got the spots off my brown dress simply beautifully with carbon Tetra chloride [mis-spelling: tetrachloride] that Lee had, so I'm all fixed. Don't know how it will turn out, but it sounds interesting - and it's another one of those little experiences of meeting people & making them conscious of you. [Page 4] Don't you think that's a rather good idea, on the whole? I will let you know the details as soon as I learn them. When we were in town yesterday, Lee & I got seats for Helen Hayes in “Mary of Scotland.” for Wednesday evening 2nd balcony darling, but everyone says it's mighty fine. Philip Merivale plays with her, and - the cultural nearness of Boston, you know. I have my Italian girls that afternoon, so I'll meet Lee for dinner, & then go afterward. Wish you were going to be here, but [Page 5] if you like, I'll say hello to Helen for you. By the way, don't forget Monday the 20th is Aunt Helen's birthday. I sent her a card today - to 108 Union St. as I couldn't remember her address. She ought to get it though I guess. Had a package from Mum Mum today. She had fixed my slip, bought me another which had a formal back & was quite long, & also inclosed a box of chocolate, which are sadly disappearing I fear. The very thought inspires me to further dissipation so pardon me a moment. Think I'll go to bed early tonight. Lee & I talked when we got home last nite till late, having made coffee etc., & am consequently just the leetlest [mis-spelling: littlest] bit sleepy, though it is barely 9 by the clock. How's everything? Has it been snowing there as much as here? You're still driving, aren't you? Tell Grandpa he isn't the only one who can wear long underwear! I've discovered my wooly panties have legs which [Page 6] stretch halfway to my knees - but I'm not a bit sorry, so there. That's what my upbringing did for me. Remember when I used to fold ‘em back over my ankles? Well - I fear I must stamp envelope before the [loss] mailman comes, so goodnite for awhile. How are the days of your calendar getting crossed off? Love & a little bit Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Dress; Personal Relationships


Theater; Laundry; Men

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 November 18