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Letter to her mother describing her disappointment in missing a phone call to her mother, her relaxing Saturday, a service at an Episcopal church, and the alterations she made to a dress.


Feb 27, ‘34 [stationary heading] WELLESLEY, MASS. Monday noon Dearest & dearester - Your letters arrived this morning - and when I think of your waiting for me to call last night, it makes me feel simply terrible. Oh worse than that. I expected to call next Sunday, the first in March, but if I had only known you were expecting me last night, I'd have kept those wires busy! And I could have too - I was in at the apartment and I could have shouted as much as I wanted to - but there's not much use talking about it now. I suppose you stayed up till real late too. Oh dear! And I'm so very sorry to hear about you being in bed. Evidently Mrs. Doern's visit had its actual & lasting effect - I can sympathize! But mine isn’t a real one - it started to be but I didn't stir out of doors Saturday after my 9:40 class, so [Page 2] Dosed [mis-spelling: dozed], read “Flush” which I’m analyzing for criticism course, & went to bed comparatively early - oh yes, listened to Tannkhauser [mis-spelling: Tannhäuser] which I did like muchly - & am looking forward to nest [mis-spelling: next] weeks - Lily Pons & Nino Martini. Thanks for the enclosed clippings - it’s so nice to get them - especially the friendship one. By the way, Lee wants me to go home with her this weekend because a boy she knows is driving back, but we decided not to go last night when the weather began weathering. It's been snowing steadily since 8 o’clock last night, & there isn't a sign of a let-up. This darned weather is annoying me - & last year this time we were taking sun baths!! Huh! Oh well, nature in all its glories! Double exclamation point. No, we haven't had a chance to study cheiro yet, but expect to one [Page 3] of the days when there's nothing else to do. triple exclamation point. Too bad the church-going was so arduous. I went here too - Episcopal service, & I felt like a regular up & downer - knee action wheels n’everything, & many amens which somehow amused me a little - but when he did get to talking, he really said quite a lot, & I enjoyed him. Sent my formal to be cleaned this morning - & figured out a way for its continued existence. This may sound queer, but we tried my blue & white piqué scarf that May gave me on the pink, & it just set it off beautifully - so with a dust ruffle around the bottom of the piqué, & new sleeves - of blue & white [deletion: white] shoulder effect - I think the dress will do beautifully, without the expense of dyeing, & with the only added cost of piqué, which isn't [Page 4] too much. The combination of pink, navy & white does sound queer, but it certainly changes the appearance of the dress, & it makes it rather striking - & I can wear it Friday night to the dance at M.I.T. with Dick - to which I received by mail an invitation with Stocky! But then I'll see Stocky Thursday night - so I should worry about Friday - Yes indeed I love the Reader's Digest when you're finished - I read the Times on Sunday, & that's about all - so I'd say thank you very very kindly. Do wish I could have talked to with you last night - not that there's so much we could say over the telephone, but we'd hear each other anyway. But I do hope you're feeling better - & don't worry about my little cold, cause it’s well under control. Wish I had time to write more, but - I just haven’t - Have lots more love to the best mother in the world though - and then doubled! Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Dress; Home and Family; Religion and Spirituality


Clothing and dress; Religious gatherings; Cold (Disease); Newspapers

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 February 27