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Letter to her mother discussing her family's upcoming visit to Wellesley, items she would like them to bring, and her friendship with the maid in Cazenove Hall.


Sept 29 ‘33 [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MA Friday Noon Hello Everybody & you specially, This will of necessity have to be short, but oh so sweet! Huh! I love picture of Symon. I do think he's handsome and can very definitely see a resemblance. Especially in the nose, and his beautiful black hair, he's really quite a distinguished looking gent tho, don’t you think? At least he isn't fat with baggy trousers and a long pipe. Not that I don't like pipes, but I do have a preference. And while I think of it, when you come don't forget the lamp if you can get along without it at home, & any nicknacks [mis-spelling: knick knacks] you may see around there. not that I need any or can think of any, but you have lots of originality. Throw in a couple of old pillows [Page 2] maybe, & we can find some stuff to cover them with. As to driving or coming with Boorne's - do whatever you think best. I don't know that we need the car really, cause we could take the train into Boston, unless we did go to call on Dr. Adams or anything like that, and Lee's mother may come out that weekend too, but she’d drive from Scarsdale, I was thinking if she could get in to Schenectady, & ride up with you - maybe pay part of the gas, & be company both ways, but I don't know that she could get there any easier than she could go straight from Scarsdale. Be sure & tell me what you think of it though, and I'll ask Lee what she thinks her mother will do. How much would gasoline cost [Page 3] anyway? I mean - how much cheaper all around would it be to come with the Boorne's? I’ve fix it so I don't have to sing Sunday, & we can do whatever we like. I sure hope it doesn't rain - which is what it's been doing off & on yesterday & today, so haven't done anything awfully exciting to report. Made coffee again last night when we got home from the Libe [mis-spelling: Library], & it tasted so good. I actually like it Black now. That's Spartan for ya. Our maid so nice - she's waitress too, & asked us to sit at her table mornings, & this AM. When she was [Page 4] cleaning the room, said the Chef had just made a huge batch of cookies, & she’d save us some & bring ‘em to us. So they always throw out a lot anyway. Do we ever have a way with the maid! Hotcha - Are there any loose candlesticks around? I don't really need them though - I just happen to think, but I guess they'd only be in the way so don't bother. But how about the Calif. picture book? My 19th century poets, those French readings, & a spare vase for flowers if you maybe can find. Also not necessary as there aren’t many flowers but there are some gorgeous leaves. And I can't at the minute think of anything else except the very important fact that you're coming! Love, Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Faculty, Staff and Administrators; Home and Family


Automobile travel; Dinners and dining

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 September 29