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Letter to her mother describing shopping in the Wellesley downtown (the Vil), different outfits she could wear, difficulties with her novel, her busy schedule, and compliments for her mother and grandmother from her friends.


4/28/35 [29 April, 1935] Monday Dearest - And talk about Spring - it's practically summer and has been. I didn't go in town Saturday, after all, because I heard about Slattery's wh [mis-spelling: which] had just put in a new line of inexpensive hats in their Wellesley store - so went down w [mis-spelling: with] Frannie and Hort and got myself a dark blue silk one for $1.98. Not bad. Also some ankle socks & a few other needed necessities. We had a grand time shopping around in the sunshine. Today I'm going for a re-sitting & to get some dark blue shoes I hope. My blue suit is really too heavy now though - I couldn't have worn it Saturday. I'm having my green & white check cleaned, & since split skirts and capes are still in style, I think that may make a successful lightish suit to be worn w [mis-spelling: with] white shoes & hat. The blue shoes I can [Page 2] wear w [sic] my dark blue striped dress w [mis-spelling: with] the organdy cola wh [mis-spelling: which] received many and flattering comments when I wore it yesterday. I'm hauling out the old things, & they look pretty good. Also I can wear the dark blue shoes with the formal afternoon dress, wh [mis-spelling: which] I'd like a of dark blue chiffon if I can find one - something I can wear next year too instead of a flowered affair like that green thing I hardly ever wore. I'll wait until I hear about the one you sent for tho. Letter fr [mis-spelling: from] Mildred this morning, congratulating me on the job and asking what visiting relatives wore to Commencement! Any more fr [mis-spelling: from] Aunt Gertrude? The novel? Well, I'm kicking myself that I started it in the 1st person - I'm quite superfluous at this point - and would like to get out of it, but ‘tis not possible. I had a good time going thru my diary to see what parts of the trip & which things I [Page 3] wanted to include as typical. I can see it lived out in front of me, but the writing will be something more. I'm giving up next weekend to it, and writing each afternoon fr [mis-spelling: from] now on! Except this P.M. when I have a Crew callout at 3:40, a picture of the Verse Speaking Choir at 4:40, & Crew Pit Party at 5:30, with a lecture tonight on drama & Pirandello. Incidentally the broadcast is only on short way from Station WIXAL, Boston, at 5:30-5:45 Daylight S.T. & 6:00-6:15, on Sunday, May 5. So if Jack Madgett has short wave you can hear it - it isn't going to be on regular stations, but is world wide to England, Africa etc. Ah heavens it's almost 1:40 - and I should be down having my picture took! More later. [Page 4] Post office 2:40 Hello again - All taken, & we'll hope for the best. I bought myself a white shirt for use when my one & only is dirty, as is the case now. I love shirts - how have I gotten along up to now without one! Uh huh, Annie is married - are you going to write her? I think she'd love a little note from you - she always thought so much of you & appreciated it that you were nice to her. The address if you get around to it is Mrs. Arthur Henderson, Faculty Apartments # 2 Greeley, Colorado. Frannie Mitchell came down with me - we're going to do the 10¢ store now - bobbie pins etcetera - probably end up with some peanuts too - I know my failing, & they're wonderful to munch on while the typewriter flourishes. At T.Z.E. last night we ate on the terrace - and 4 or 5 of the girls said how nice my mother & grandmother were, and how very young and chic my mother looked - they like the hat especially. Said Mum Mum looked “smart” too. I grinned & agreed & now relay same - with love to you - abundantly Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Dress; Home and Family; Student Life


Clothing and dress; Shopping; Radio--Receivers and reception; Tau Zeta Epsilon; Rowing

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 April 29