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Letter to her mother affirming that she wants her mother to visit; explaining her obligations for Verse Speaking Choir and the T.Z.E. studio; and describing events she wants her mother to go to and her insistence that her mother lets her pay for the weekend.


3/7/35 Thursday Mums dearest - What’s this - what’s this? You think you may not come? Goodness gracious you can’t be serious. What if Verse Speaking Choir doesn’t give it’s real dress rehearsal? I don’t think it’s going to be so good anyway, & you can see a little how it’s going to be. But T.Z.E. studio I think you would enjoy. I’m not one of the models, but I have to dress one of them, and work behind scenes. In between scenes girls are rendering piano solos, & I’m not sure what else! But it’s the only chance you’ll have to see what it’s like, & it’s the main thing T.Z.E. does. That’s the program for Saturday night. Saturday afternoon Frannie Mitchells’ [Page 2] original play is to be produced - it won the prize for one act plays, & is awfully good. I’d like you to see it & meet Frannie. I like her tremendously. Friday night is Dance Drana [mis-spelling: Drama] as I said, which I don’t know anything about, but which ought to be good. At least we could be what it was. Darling - you wouldn’t be taking me from the girls, you’d just be joining in with us. Only worse luck, both Helen & Hort are going away for the weekend so they can’t meet you. But I never heard anything so absurd - I can be with them any day and it isn’t every day I can have my mother come & see me. So - you will come, [Page 3] won’t you? I can’t wait until March 21st to see your new suit! And as for work - 2 glorious surprises were sprung this morning. First of all Dr. Wellman isn’t going to be here Saturday AM. & secondly, my paper on this 640 pages of “Good Companions” which was to have been due on Tuesday is postponed to the following Saturday! So I won’t have any work to speak of, & we can just do whatever we want to. Saturday AM. I’ll cut my 8:40, because one of the girls is just going on reading her paper - and we’ll have the day free, to do what we like. But don’t come prepared to do the [Page 4] washing! While I think of it, do we have a separate copy of Browning in the house? I can’t find my copy here. Never mind if you don’t have time - but if your eye lights on it - grab it & stuff it in the bag. But don’t let it make you miss the train. Can you get the 3:40 from Albany? Have a violent headache & indisposition in the [deletion: morning] afternoon? That means Framingham 8:30. Sorry Terry isn’t around, but get off the bus at the College Quadrangle, & I’ll be there. Incidentally, room & meals at my expense please - I’m a working goil [mis-spelling: girl] you know, - & I love to spend my money! Arguments superfluous - you’re coming - staying here in The Dorm - & we’re both taking a holiday! Unless I hear you’ve missed the train or jumped the track, heaven forbid either - I want you to come. Will be looking for you pronto. Love & plenty Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Student Life; Arts, Theater and Music; Home and Family


Choirs (Music); Tau Zeta Epsilon; Theater; Travel

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 March 7