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Letter to her mother describing a package of food from Lee, a gift from her grandmother (Mum Mum), the costumes in "Mikado," and her upcoming exam schedule.


1/31/35 [stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF PUBLICITY Thursday Dearest Only a note, cause I have to write to Lee. She sent back my big suitcase which I let her take when she left - and in it was a huge 3 layer cake, some ginger snaps, chocolate cookies, apples and figs! Mug, Hort, Frannie, Helen & I have just finished a quarter of it! Also in the same mail came a box of spun honey [Page 2] crispy chocolates and $5 from Mum Mum! So if I arrive home with ten more pounds and hickeys on my chin - remember - it isn’t my fault - just my weak will & other people’s generosity! Well we went to Gilbert & Sullivan! Never expected to be able to get seats, but we did - and I wouldn’t have missed it for all the $1.90’s in the world. I felt pretty guilty at first about spending the money, but everyone said I just shouldn’t miss it if I [Page 3] could possibly go, so I went. I wish you could have seen it! The D’Oyley [deletion: D’] Carte Company probably won’t be here again, and this was Gilbert & Sullivan the way Gilbert & Sullivan should be. Of course the costumes were miracles of color and exactness, soft blues, reds, burnt oranges etc. - a white silk & satin bridal gown, yellow embroidered silk for one man etc. And the music - well the music for the Mikado is grand [Page 4] anyway, but this was perfect. Add to that an English Company with English diction, acting parts expected with studied case. The whole thing was an interpretation par excellence. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you. Must get to work now - you may not hear from me the rest of this week - my 2 exams in Sat, one Monday & one Wed! And then - Love to You Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Gifts; Food; Theater; Costumes; Examinations

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1935 January 31