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Letter to her mother discussing arrangements for her trip back home and her relationship with Ralph; and describing schoolwork she must complete, a play she disliked, a party at Don's home, and her new friend Helen.


11/5/34 Mon AM [typed] Dearest, Just a moment before breakfast, but first of all a thank you note for your Special. It was most gratefully received. I had begun to wonder a bit, because 3 days was such a phenomenally long time for you! I haven’t heard from Ralph either in about 2 weeks. Glad you re-assured Betty, however, because the reassurance was perfectly true. And when I got in Saturday night, I wrote him...and I think it will reassure him. But I don’t think I want to see him a weekend in November...not quite ready yet. Perhaps I want to see what the first weekend in December brings. At any rate, don’t tell Betty that I am planning to come home this weekend. Darling, when will you stop fussing over details for me? I know. Our minds work along the same tracks, and when I get an idea, you have it too. Of course I’ve been down to the R.R. station and found out all about rates, the $4 one this weekend, round trip from Boston, included. There aren’t any others in November, and we don’t get Thanksgiving off. It would be nice to have Ralph then, but he probably can’t get away from the Smorg. It would be just like him to think of coming this weekend. I can understand why you haven’t heard from him, though, if he were thinking of the possible meaning behind my 2 flimsy letters in the last 2 or 3 weeks. You probably will hear soon, that he would like very much to come the 10th! In that case, I don’t know exactly. Because I mostly want to see you, and there would be the problem of him too. And I quite definitely don’t want to see him until after I've seen Ted. But he ought to be able to postpone his visit a while. I didn’t tell him I was thinking of going home, so he would have no reason to know. And Betty needn’t know until the day before. I’ll send you a letter Thurs. [Page 2] It’s a little too bad there isn't an excursion on the 17th, as I'll probably have to spend the time on the train writing an education paper, and a 5000 word exposition, unless I get them both done this week, nd [mis-spelling: and] I think I can. The heritage of California would make a good topic for an exp., don't you think? It's something I could ramble on about, and not have to look up any material or do any reading. So I think I can get it done this week, and to get home for $4 isn't to be sneezed at, eh? I'll bring my fur coat back with me, as lots of them have appeared around here already, though I haven't needed mine yet. Most of them were for the game, anyway. And I didn't have to worry aboyt [mis-spelling: about] that. Went in to Boston to see Success Story, Theater Guild, but it wasn't too good. With my advanced ideas on stage production and plot building, to say nothing of the value of contrast and of unity, it lacked a great deal. But it was interesting to talk about. Then that night went into Don's for party. Elaine and Milly (crew) came in too, and the four of us had a pretty good time, or I should say unusual time. Some friends of one of the boy's sister came in, and proceeded to join the party, which was O.K. with Don, until they began getting a little boring. To get them home, Don and the boy I was with, Bob Smith (short but awfully nice) asked us to get ready to go home, tell the others, and leave for around the block. So we said goodnight very loudly to Mrs. Curtis, got in Bob’s car and drove around [deletion: illegible] for a few minutes, coming back to a quiet house and a relieved M. and Mrs Curtis! So then we went up in the playroom and play ping pong, fenced, talked, and Bob brought us back at one. Lee stayed all night, and hasn't arrived back yet, as a matter of fact. Sunday I sang in choir to be free next Sunday, asked little Eva to dinner and had a nice talk with her, then got to talking with Helen for quite a while. I like her. Very much. She's the girl who spent Junior [Page 3] year in Germany, and is not only interesting, but sensible, and very much a person. As I said, I like her. Oh dear, there goes the bell, and I'll have to tear. And I haven't told you about Society Vespers yet......a brief service, then supper at the house, talk afterwards by the fire…...verra [mis-spelling: very] fine evening. Must run….but loving you mightily Ginger [handwritten] Just got in from classes & found your letter - and am so glad it ought to work beautifully. I'm anxious to see you - today is so perfectly glorious - why do they talk about Spring Fever? I've got Fall Fever [Page 4] very chronically. It's hot, sunny & glorious. I may take my typewriter & my ideas to a spot by the lake & work away this afternoon - so I'll be sure to have a clear conscience by Friday. Don't worry about my cramming too much in - it just means not wasting time, & that's good for me. Here I go to work - you may not hear very adequately for me till Thurs. - think the train gets in Albany Friday at 5:45, but will let you know Thurs. Bestest love Ginger Tell Betty hello & not to worry about Ralph - he’s very busy.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Personal Relationships; Student Life


Travel; Men; Theater; Parties

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 November 5