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Letter from her mother describing a job she did for the Inter-College Alumnae Association, travel arrangements for her trip home for break, her exam schedule, Tradition Night, activities in the dorm, and an evening with Dick.


January 27, 1934 Mother dearest - Saturday again - the last day of classes! And they have a job for this afternoon. Lee, Peggy & I are going to check wraps for the Inter-college Alumnae Assoc. get together here at college from 2 - 5 P.M. Don't know yet how much we’ll get but it ought to be fun, & rather profitable, no matter how small. The job came through the Personnel Bureau with which we all registered at the beginning of the year, & from which nothing besides the laundry agency has developed [Page 2] so far. I guess I didn't understand your letter rightly about summer camps, cause I told you I registered. Probably it won't amount to much but we can talk about that when I get home. And about the trip. There's no point in you coming to Albany is there? I can change as I did at Christmas & come right into Schenectady. It would be less expensive to go straight thru on the train, than it would to pay 2 bus fares, wouldn't it? I think it's only 60¢ on the train, but I'll find out the whole schedule definitely [Page 3] and let you know. Speaking of schedules - here's the exam list Thurs., Feb 1 - Econ Sat, 3 - Bible Tues, 6 - Philosophy Wed, 7 - Music History The exams are only 2 1/2 hours long - but but I suppose it's about time I started worrying about those 2 1/2 hours. I don't expect very much as regards grades but I do want to come out decently - which seems to mean around here - not on Pro! Last night was Tradition Night. The faculty gave 5 plays, most delightfully taking off certain historical [Page 4] things such as Henry VIII at breakfast with Catherine, - beautiful costumes & excellent acting, Ulysses & Calypso - subtle dialogue, farce, a staid faculty member smoking a cigarette & reclining on a couch. etc etc. Also [loss: some gals] dressed up as members of the faculty - clothes, hair, attitude et. all, & [deletion: sitting] sat in the boxes. Of course it couldn’t be quite as informal as Pomona's riotous and hilarious Faculty extravaganza & comedy - but it was amusing & very well done. Also an alumnus - a Judge - talked - with it result that Wellesley itself seems increasingly important. The idea of having graduated from here, you know! We all had to get over to the Hall right after supper [Page 5] because the affair was free and everybody went, so we had a whole hour of just waiting. They all sang songs and acted very college-i-fied. 5 of us from the corridor went together, Nancy had some cards, & we played bridge for awhile while one of the girls did her Bible, then I knitted while she played, & Peggy & some girls being behind us, we had quite fun before the show began. Heaven's, it’s started snowing! After all our Springlike weather, to have [Page 6] it act like this. Spose [mis-spelling: Suppose] it won't help roads any. And I can comprehend a little what the conditions must be home. But lady mother, do you realize the paradoxical nature of your mind? You vehemently and violently oppose my coming to Schenectady on the bus over roads which are quite safe at this end, & then suggest going from Albany to Schenectady on such a contrivance? May I be permitted the tiniest bit of a smile? I was also somewhat amused [Page 7] at Wilson's right about fire on the prohibition issue. Can hear Mrs. Wilson saying “Well, we have to be modern, you know - after all, my grandfather used to serve it.” But I feel pretty good, cause I kept Dick from indulging. He told me quite a while ago that he didn't drink but he thought he'd have to celebrate when his exams were over, & all by himself. However, he calmly told me that he enjoyed our quiet celebration very much more then he would have his first intention, and that he was very grateful for me etc. etc. He's a very [Page 8] nice boy who needs, more than anything else, to have someone to be nice to. Oh goodness, it's getting towards 2 P.M., so I must travel. However - I shall return - perhaps intermittently, as I'll be doing some pretty heavy studying, but I'll let you know definitely about hours of arrival etc. And so forth. Lots & lots of my love Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Home and Family; Personal Relationships; Student Life; Tradition and Ritual


Examinations; Travel; Men; Dormitories; Theater

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 January 27